Darkest Star, Brightest Shadow

There are some times in life where even the brightest of stars can become so dark and corrupt, that they are unstoppable. It is at this time of peril that a nobody, an insignificant little shadow, must step up to face the enemy. Umbra. Umbra must step up, and become the brightest of all shadows...


22. Not corrupt

Umbra had felt overjoyed when Thorn had thanked him. The assassin's thanks were more valuable than anyone else's. She had thanked him. Thorn had thanked him. But that didn't stop Umbra from becoming worried about her. Everything from this horrbile place seemed to be reminding her of memories. But why? When - or why - had Thorn ever been here before? As the town that they'd find the non-corrupt dark angel in seemed to get all the more closer, Umbra tried to push the thoughts out of his head, but he couldn't. Not when Thorn was acting so different... Luckily, no dark angels tried to attack them as they neared this town, but the closer they got, the more edgy Thorn became. Umbra could make out the houses better now - made clumsily of bones, skulls and sharp shards of stone. The sight of it made Umbra sick. Who made their abode out of bones? Umbra could hear screams and cheers in the distance, sounds of clashing metal.

"A huge town fight." Thorn said. "At day, they sleep and nobody attacks. At night, they fight, but the worst of fights is the ones that involve all in the town." the assassin told him quietly, her tone anxious yet dark. Umbra turned to look at her.

"How do you know?" he asked.

"Trust me." Thorn replied, her eyes dark and mysterious. The expression she bore made Umbra shiver. Had she seen one of these fights before? Was it possible? Why did she know so much? Entering the town, the sound of fighting became louder. Umbra looked towards the sound, seeing some of the dark angels hovering and fighting each other. Another fight with these creatures seemed impossible. Especially with Thorn as anxious as she was now.

"Ready?" Lazarus asked them. Each nodded gravely, knowing that the battle ahead would be hard and difficult.

"Then lets go."


Carnelian had decided to go against the forcefield idea, saying that Blizzard could blast all of the dark angels, they could find the non corrupt dark angel and then get out. Blizzard and Aquila snuck over the roofs, followed by the others, who were a distance away. The wolf crept stealthily along, her ears alert and pricked up. Aquila crouched low on Blizzard's back, his eyes darting around nervously. The fight was massive. Already, many were dead, their bodys limp and blood-soaked. Lost limbs were lying around everywhere. Screams filled the air, cries of glory, cries of death. Everyone against everyone. But one in particular was being picked on. He deflected knives with his wings, his swords, and dodged with his agility. But it was easy to tell he wasn't winning. Blizzard suddenly sprung from the rooftop, spraying everyone with ice. It froze over each dark angel, freezing them solid. Blizzard spun, freezing everything she could, with Aquila throwing knives at any she missed. And then, a spear came down on the magnificent wolf's thigh, causing her to turn and blast another with ice. But the distraction was all that was needed to break the other dark angels free. One dark angel, clearly wanting more fighting, smashed a hammer down on the ice, splintering it. Some dark angels were killed by the sharp shards of ice, others pulled themselves from the ice. Blizzard was instantly attacked by angered dark angels. Aquila slashed all he could, but there were too many. The wolf was covered with furious dark angels. They tore at Aquila, pulling him from the saddle and throwing him down.

"Hang on, brother!" Umbra's cry came through the wall of dark angels. A blast of air cleared the enemies off Aquila, terrified, afraid, in agony. But Umbra could not afford to leap from Zephyr's back to help his friend. Aquila, weakened from a head injury, slipped into a black void of darkness.


Umbra blasted tornados at the dark angels, but it wasn't enough. Blizzard was too weak to freeze the entirity of the dark angels again; she was barely staying alive. Sundance and Lazarus had torn the dark angels from her while the rest fought. Thorn, at first muttering the word 'no' under her breath, had now turned her bewilderment and worry to anger and fury on the battlefield, wiping out as many dark angels as she could. Umbra was amazed at the assassin's mood swing, although he knew she was still suffering from memories. With Aquila passed out, they were at a disadvantage, for Thorn had to stay by his unconscious body and protect him.

"Zephyr, I'll do better on the ground!" Umbra called.

"Okay, I'll go lower." the storm phoenix called, swooping down to the floor. Umbra leaped from his back, executing a forwards roll to cushion his fall. A dark angel dived at him, but Umbra somehow managed to duck, then slice upwards with his sword. Blood splattered onto Umbra's face, but he didn't care. His fear had gone in this fight. Thorn had done that by being brave. Perhaps she had even done it just for him. Umbra swiftly sidestepped a spear thrust, then siezed the spear and jabbed it behind him, into another dark angel. He then slashed open the stomach of the one who'd attacked him with the spear. Umbra leaped backwards to avoid a knife slash, but found an axe cutting a wound into his arm. Not his sword arm, luckily. Umbra threw himself to the floor to avoid a sword swipe, then rolled and leaped up. Four sword-wielders dived at him, eyes burning with hate. Umbra deflected one sword, but the other three were still coming at him. Then, the owners of the swords all fell. Thorn was already turning back to her own fight, but Umbra knew it was her, using her special skill of throwing three daggers at once. Thorn's beauty still stunned him. Even when he could hardly see her because of the huge wall of foes, and even when she was covered in both her own - and her victim's blood. Umbra rolled forwards to evade a hammer smashing down on his back, then jumped to his feet, swiping out at the first three dark angels that were within slashing distance away. Umbra swept up another few with a powerful tornado, smashing them against the ground with all his might. A sickening crunch was the last noise they made. Umbra didn't hear the noise; a knife had lodged itself into his left side, leaking blood out onto his clothes, staining it a crimson red. Umbra screamed in agony, collapsing to his knees. Hearing the noise, dark angels moved in for an easy target.

"Umbra!" Carnelian yelled, stepping protectively out in front of the Protector. His katana glinted in the moonlight, the deadly blade seeming to wait for the killing that would come. Carnelian didn't lunge forwards; he had to protect Umbra. Instead, he swung his blade at any who came close. A dark angel dived from above, but it found itself sliced cleanly in half. The blood dripped down onto Umbra's head, covering his hair in the sickly red blood. Groaning, Umbra swiftly pulled the knife from his side. Lazarus moved behind him, helping their leader to defeand the child of the elements. Umbra put a hand to his side, and pulled it back covered in blood. His head spinning, Umbra tried to stand, but collapsed back to his knees. Lazarus and Carnelian could only defeand him for a while. The ariel attacks kept coming, and Carnelian and Lazarus were using their own bodies as the protector's shields. The two elves couldn't keep fighting much longer - their strength was being sapped as the wounds kept coming.

"Don't... die." Umbra managed. His throat was dry. Ignoring him, Lazarus blocked a fatal blow with his weapon, but a spear was punctured into his thigh. Wincing, the elven prince fell, his leg throbbing. Kicking the prince's body, a dark angel raised a sword to finish Laz.

"NO!" Umbra screamed, shooting lightning from his trembling hands. The huge ray of lightning sent the dark angel flying through three bone walls. At this exhausting effort, Umbra let his head drop. Lightning. Wow. A strong grip of fangs grabbed his jacket, pulling him back to a wall and propping him up against it. Umbra didn't even have the strength to thank Blizzard as she crunched her fangs into the body of a dark angel. But she was soon dragged back into the centre of the battle. Umbra's limbs didn't work. They really didn't seem to. Then he realised that Zephyr; all powerful, mighty, amazing Zephyr, was on the floor as well, too weak to fly. He couldn't seem to use his elemental powers; exhaustion was swallowing him as if he were a tiny nobody in a vast sea. Carnelian was still fighting on, but he was trembling in pain. Umbra could hear slight whimpers. And then, Carnelian just crumpled, surrounded soon by dark angels.

"No..." Umbra whispered, his voice barely emerging from his throat. Suddenly, blinding lightning lit up the entire battlefield, shooting down from the clouds and reducing the dark angels to ashes. More lightning shot at all the dark angels, blasting holes in them with the powerful force. It struck down all the enemies from the sky, freeing Sunburn and Inferno from dark angels. A lone figure stood, breathing heavily in the centre of the blackened battlefield.


A dark angel.


"It can't be..." Thorn muttered from a short distance away. Her eyes were wide, surprised, amazed. "You look like... Jet?" The sillouhete nodded, his open wings folding neatly into his back.

"Yeah. I'm guessing you're here to kill me. Don't know who you are, or how you know my name. Don't know how you know I've even GOT a name. Most dark angels don't. Wait a minute..." the dark angel spoke, emerging from the smoke so that Umbra could see his features. Glinting black hair, deep brown eyes, and sharp features made his face. He had a slim build, tall and powerful. His wings were larger and blacker than any other wings.

"You're... You're Thorn!" he cried, eyes lighting up. As he ran up to the assassin, Umbra blacked out.


I am ashamed. I could not protect the Protector. He was DYING, and yet it was not me trying to help him. Umbra. My friend, my very best friend. And I could not protect him when the elves were almost killed. He crumpled, right in front of me, while I tried in vain to throw dark angels from my body. I failed. And I will never forgive myself.

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