Darkest Star, Brightest Shadow

There are some times in life where even the brightest of stars can become so dark and corrupt, that they are unstoppable. It is at this time of peril that a nobody, an insignificant little shadow, must step up to face the enemy. Umbra. Umbra must step up, and become the brightest of all shadows...


16. Broken barrier

Umbra, Thorn and Aquila looked up to the sky as the two creatures built up power for a huge blast, in hopes of destroying the barrier. Zephyr, building up a powerful sphere of air and electricity, and Inferno, building up an intense, searing fire within his jaws. Umbra saw that both of them were at the limits to their power, and called,

"NOW!" Both creatures let their blasts free, firing them at the barrier above Umbra's head. The two spheres combined, and headed towards the barrier. The flaming tornado, crackling with electricity, struck the barrier. It was as if time had slowed down. The faint blue light of the barrier turned to a light of vibrant, glowing blue. And then, an explosion of light, sending a shockwave rippling across the sky. Both of the powerful creatures were sent spinning through the sky, temporarily stunned. Zephyr was the first to gain control, and huffed a small blast of air to cushion Inferno so that the nidarinn didn't keep going through the sky. Dizzily, both of the giant winged monsters looked back to Umbra, who was completely unaffected by the shockwave, as were his friends. Umbra looked up at them, his eyes connecting with Zephyr's. Umbra's expression seemed to ask if the phoenix was okay.

"I'm fine!" Zephyr called out to the boy, dazily flying down to them. As he drew closer, the three human companions saw each beautiful detail in the phoenix's wings, each glorious little feather. Zephyr, folding his wings neatly, landed on the tree beside them, and offered out his wing for the three to climb onto. Inferno growled something to Zephyr, who nodded.

"My friend says he senses the presense of the elven word-user in Shegeira. Inferno tells me that he is waiting for the assassin and you, Umbra." the storm phoenix informed his rider, who translated it to Thorn. She nodded, smiling.

"It would be just like Carnelian to wait for me, however late I may be." she smiled, her eyes glinting with memories. Umbra felt a pang of jelousy. She missed Carnelian? Did she not like his company? Zephyr told Umbra and his friends to climb onto his back. Umbra looked briefly at Thorn's face again, wondering if she was actually his true friend or not, then put a foot onto the storm phoenix's wing, ready to climb on.

"Come on." Umbra grinned. Silver, below the tree, suddenly howled, as to remain unforgotten.

"We get to fly on a storm phoenix? Wow... We can't forget Silver, though." Aquila said, glancing down at his wolf. As if on que, Zephyr picked up the wolf with a gentle hand of air, and lifted him onto his back, nestled in between his wings.

"Coming?" Umbra prompted, walking calmly along Zephyr's feathered wing, trusting him completely to keep his wing firm. Thorn grinned, and leaped quickly onto the phoenix's wing, and then slowing to walk behind Umbra. Aquila, not as confident as the others, put a tentative foot onto Zephyrs wing, then another. Carefully, he walked along the creature's wing, then finally sitting and clutching Zephyr's feathers when he reached his back. Umbra sat at the front, with Thorn behind him. Next along was Silver, then Aquila. When everybody was firmly on Zephyr's back, he raised his glorious wings and began to beat them. Umbra looked down at the bottom of the ground, where they had lived for two weeks. Luckily, they had all their weapons with them, including a few axes and spears they had taken from the goblins. Umbra smiled at the thought of leaving, and going on a journey with Thorn and Aquila - his true best friends. And now, it seemed that he would have a storm phoenix as well. Zephyr launched himself off the branch, his wings boosting them higher. Umbra looked down, grinning maniacally as they ascended. Higher. Higher. The power of Zephyr flowed through him, the flexing muscles of his wings, the every movement he made. Umbra felt his own heart beating in sync with Zephyrs. They were one. The wind blew through his hair, streaming against him. Umbra cried out in joy. He heard Aquila laughing behind him, obviously happy to be in the skies. Umbra looked behind him, to see Thorn smiling with contentment, and Aquila, holding on firmly and laughing.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you about my powers." Thorns voice, whispered and barely hearable, appologised in his ear. "But I didn't want you to be too shocked. You were coming on a journey with me and I didn't want you to think that me or Carnelian were creepy freaks." she told him, her words just about decipherable before they were snatched away by the wind. Umbra gave a tiny huff of relief. Good, the assassin wasn't keeping secrets.

"Okay." Umbra replied. "I most definately forgive you." he whispered back, looking over to his village, which was rapidly approaching. Zephyr pulled in lower, prepearing to land in the cluster of trees near Umbra's school. Zephyr, with Inferno close behind, folded his wings as he landed softly on the ground.

"Carnelian's meeting us at the inn. He told us to go there and ask for him." Thorn told Umbra and Aquila. They both nodded.

"You might want to stay here." Umbra told Zephyr and Inferno, who nodded. The storm phoenix and the boy said their farewells, as Umbra, Thorn and Aquila turned to the village, leaving Silver with Zephyr.


They would finally meet Carnelian.


"It is this 'Carnelian' they speak of who you wish to meet, Inferno. Am I correct?" I ask my friend, curious about his rider. Inferno gives a slight nod of his noble head.

"Yes. He is the elf with the wordly power over the dead." the gaurdian replies, and I remember only too well when his fangs were upon my wing, now perfectly healed. I wonder about the elf, Umbra, Aquila and the assassin. I suspect that Umbra loves her, but I cannot be sure. But it does not matter. What I am curious about is the reason thsat already, four of the legends are here, in the same place. Six, if you are counting me and Inferno. I cannot help but wonder if they were meant to meet...

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