Darkest Star, Brightest Shadow

There are some times in life where even the brightest of stars can become so dark and corrupt, that they are unstoppable. It is at this time of peril that a nobody, an insignificant little shadow, must step up to face the enemy. Umbra. Umbra must step up, and become the brightest of all shadows...


10. Another nightmare

The warrior kicked the body of the dead servant. He was now more than just the most powerful warrior. He was now the Emperor of the entire kingdom. He had killed most of his servants now, for simple reasons. One had not bowed low enough. Another had tripped in the throne room. Another had smiled. Servants, he thought. So stupid and thick. Word was still spreading that there was a new ruler of the kingdom. The warrior knew that the elven royals, even though they had hated the last king, would not be happy at this new lord. Well, let them hate him. They could rebel all they wanted. Nothing could stop him. Suddenly, the Emperor sensed a presense. Slowly and deliberately, he rose from the throne, eyes glinting with a phsycotic and insane light.

"I know you are there, little human. Let me warn you; your kingdom is going to fall. It will be obliterated, wiped out like nothingness. So... Be warned." The Emperor spoke in a dark and deep tone.


And then, Umbra woke up.


He was, like last time, sweating and terrified. The warrior... Was it really possible? Umbra had forgotten about his nightmare, but now it all came flooding back, washing over him in a wave of terror. Gasping in fright, Umbra hardly noticed when Aquila came padding back into the clearing. Seeing the look of terror on Umbra's face, Aquila came running over, skidding to a halt beside Umbra. 

"What is it?" Aquila asked urgently. "Have the goblins come back?" Umbra, too shocked to speak, just shook his head, observing the herbs in Aquila's hand to try and take his mind off it. Aquila glanced briefly at the assassin before continuing to question Umbra.

"Then what the hell freaked you out?" Aquila demanded. 

"It... It was a nightmare." Umbra said, not having enough time to think of a good lie. Aquila stared at him for three long seconds. Umbra, the one who had scared away Imperial Dark Clans, terrified of a nightmare.

"Uh... Okay. How's the girl?" Aquila asked, his attention shifting after he realised that there was nothing seriously wrong. He sat beside the girl, checking her wounds and making sure that she was still breathing.

"You've done a good job getting her shelter made and all that. Help me get her inside it. There's enough room for me inside as well, so I can heal her from in there as well." Aquila said to his friend, taking the girl's arms, and lifting them into the air. Umbra took her legs, and helped Aquila move her inside the shelter. Nodding with approval, Aquila took the herbs inside the shelter. Umbra watched with a worried expression. What if Aquila mucked up, and ended up hurting her even more? The nightmare was still fresh in his thoughts as well. The dead body of the servant was not something Umbra wished to see again. Aquila started on the spear wound, carefully removing the weapon from her skin. Aquila had a large collection of leaves and moss with him as well, to stop the blood from flowing. As soon as he pulled the spear-head out of her shoulder, Aquila squeezed one of the herbs over the girl's shoulder. A clear liquid flowed from the leaves, and the stem, when Aquila sliced it in half. The liquid dripped into the wound as the blood flowed out, the blood so fresh and new. Aquila quickly applied some moss to the wound to stop the bleeding, pushing it down and covering it with a leaf. His expression was pained, however, as he applied the herbs, moss and leaves to the girl's other major injuries. He looked troubled.

"I don't think I can do it with these herbs." Aquila stated. "Or any other herbs in this forrest. I have an idea, but... It's pretty crazy." He looked down at the ground, afraid. Umbra pulled his face up so that their eyes locked.

"What is it? Aquila, we need to heal her. Especially if we're trapped in here. Tell me the idea." Umbra insisted, his eyes pleading and innocent. Aquila took a deep breath, trying to steady his shaking hands. His secret. Should he really tell it to Umbra? Another deep breath. Aquila closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he saw the assassin's beautiful face, with many scars covering it. Did she really deserve to die just because Aquila wouldn't tell a secret?

"I... I don't know. Please, give me a minute to think about this." Aquila begged, crawling out of the shelter and standing before Umbra.

"Be quick. She cannot die, okay? She can't." Umbra insisted, and his friend nodded. As Aquila walked off into the forrest for some privacy to think, Umbra entered the shelter he'd made for the assassin. She was so amazing. Umbra refused to let her die. Aquila had to find a way to heal her. No matter what dark secret it was, he had to help this girl. Umbra pushed back some blood-matted hair from her face, while Aquila pondered over his descision. Even her hair looked amazing, Umbra realised, when it was covered in blood. Most of it hidden under her hood, but with strands of black hair that fell past her eyes. And then, he heard Aquila cry out. A cry of pain, perhaps, or a cry for help. Umbra got up, and wondered whether or not he should leave the girl. Aquila was in trouble. He would return soon. Umbra sprinted through the forrest, towards Aquila's voice. Ahead, he could see a dark, murky lake, and beside it were three figures... Aquila and a weaponless goblin, who had dropped his last axe. Then a taller goblin, who wielded a single spear. Aquila, however, was not doing too well. Umbra charged at them, drawing his blade to charge into battle. He slashed with skill and precision, killing the goblin with a spear almost instantly. He had been injured by the assassin earlier. The second, instantly terrified, ran from Umbra and Aquila, screaming in fright. Aquila smiled gratefully at Umbra, just as a rock came hurtling towards Umbra. It struck him on the forehead, causing him to crumple on the floor, unconscious. Aquila looked around, alarmed. A third goblin, unarmed, emerged from the trees.

"You're weak without your magic friend, aren't you?" it taunted. Aquila froze, terrified. It was true. Umbra was the fighter. The goblin suddenly charged forwards. Aquila yelped, and dived aside, but the goblin wasn't even charging at him. Grabbing Umbra's limp body, it threw him into the lake. Tiny air bubbles errupted from the surface. Aquila stared in horror. The goblin laughed as Aquila scrambled for Umbra's dropped sword, his shaky hands somehow gripping it. And then, with a new-found force, he swung the blade. It embedded itself in the goblin's neck, piercing through the weak spot in the creature's armor. For a few seconds, Aquila looked in shock at his own hands, grasping the sword. And then at the dead monster, with a deep slash mark leaking blood across it's neck. Then, reality caught up with Aquila, and he realised he had a friend to save.


I have finally done it! I have reached the centre! I can see it, seeming to glow gold. I cannot see any gaurdian, nor portal. But I have not lost hope. I must reach Umbra before he can no longer stay in the walls of the forcefield. The centre is huge arena made of stone, with lava-falls all around it, as if it were an arena. As I said, it seems to radiate a gold color. Beautiful. I fly down with suspicion, my aching wings begging me to land already. I angle myself sideways, and slip in between the lava-falls. A huge roar echoes from nowhere. And then, I see it. The gaurdian of the portal.

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