Darkest Star, Brightest Shadow

There are some times in life where even the brightest of stars can become so dark and corrupt, that they are unstoppable. It is at this time of peril that a nobody, an insignificant little shadow, must step up to face the enemy. Umbra. Umbra must step up, and become the brightest of all shadows...


6. Ambushed

"How'd you get out, you little creep?" A gruff, meanacing voice snarled. Silver bared his teeth and growled with something that was a mix of anger and uncertainty. His glorious fur bristled. Umbra trembled in fear as the goblins eyed them up. All fifteen of them, glaring at him. A revolting mass of hateful eyeballs was all they had to see; squashed up noses and crooked jaws completed the ugly picture. With green skin swarming with warts and ugly purple marks, the goblins really weren't pretty. These particular goblins were dressed in strong battle armor forged with rusting bronze. Their weapons were all deadly; sharpened to a razor-sharp edge. Which, unluckily for Umbra and Aquila, would kill them with a single strike. Too terrified to move, Umbra cowered away from the lead goblin as he strode forwards. As he came closer, Umbra noticed that, instead of a left eye, he had an empty socket of nothingness. He was by far the most terrifying of the goblins.

"Was it you that freed the little human?" he hissed, his mouth leaking a disgusting stench into the air. His yellow fangs seemed so unreal that Umbra had to blink a few times. And in the second that he blinked, the goblin struck out with his axe. Closer. Closer. As if time had slowed down, the axe swept through the air, Umbra's eyes widening. Glinting in the little sunlight there was, the axe came down towards Umbra.

Which was exactly when some random instinct kicked in, and Umbra leaped frantically to the side. 



The axe hit nothing. The lead goblins surprise was the reason Umbra wasn't killed right then, right there. He rolled over and unsheathed his glinting sword. The goblin leader suddenly realised that he had given Umbra some precious time, and dived at him, axe gleaming with a deadly light. Was it the last thing Umbra would ever see of this world? Was he to die, for helping the one person who had ruined his life? He leaped back, but not far enough. The edge of the axe sliced down his left shoulder, leaving a bloody would across his chest. Luckily, it wasn't deep. But it hurt. It hurt like an inferno of pain all gathered up across his shoulder and chest. Umbra cried out in pain, staggering back and gasping for breath. He dropped his sword in agony. 

"Not quite as tough, now, are you human?" the goblin taunted. Umbra, wild eyed, wanted to run. But if he ran, he would be slaughtered by throwing axes. Suddenly, Umbra noticed Aquila, pulling desperately at the axe that had been thrown only moments ago. Umbra reached out for his sword, picking it up from the floor. His blade. His amazing, life saving blade.

"Still have some fight left in you?" the goblin laughed, clearly amused. Silently willing Aquila to hurry up and get the axe free, Umbra scowled at the goblin, who laughed in amusement. And then, he lunged for Umbra.


If not for Aquila's quick reaction, Umbra would be dead. Aquila, only just having pulled the axe from the tree, had seen that Umbra was being attacked - for the second time. He had thrrown the axe. Which had managed to lodge itself into the back of the goblins right shoulder. The leader had cried in pain, his screeching more ear splitting than an angered griffin. And then he had turned to face Aquila, sickly green blood leaking from the wound. Umbra, although weakened, siezed the opertunity to slice at the goblin's unprotected neck. Surprise filled Umbra, alongside a tiny hint of pride. The goblin's head slid from the blood-spewing stump that was once his neck. Umbra had actually done it.


He had killed the goblin.


And then, in the few crazy moments that the lead goblin fell to his death, battle seemed to errupt from nowhere. The fourteen other goblins charged at Umbra, some throwing axes or spears. By some miracle, Umbra managed to pull himself behind a tree. Aquila threw himself to the forrest floor, swallowing a mouthful of leaves and dirt but not really caring. There were weapons flying over his head. Leaves were not the main thing on his mind. And then, the goblins were upon them. 


In my dreams, I see a boy. His hair is as black as a raven's wing, his eyes as glorious as the sun itself. His skin is pale and deathly, his face seeming almost ghostly to me. I can see his aura - so strong, so brave, so honorable. I feel my heart beating in pace with his, like we are linked for eternity. A hidden power lies within him, one that nobody knows of, least of all himself. He has a painful future, a cruel fate. He will witness many deaths in the next few months, some of these deaths of his loved ones, some the deaths of his enemies. I know, with all my heart, that he is important. Important beyond belief. We are connected. I know this as much as I know myself. I feel that I will meet him soon, if he does not die today, or any other day. As my vision o him blurs, I search desperately for his name. He was named for shadows. His name... I finally grasp it. Umbra. His name is Umbra...

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