Why Love Me Now

Who knew a tiny mistake could change a persons life; Drastic decisions and turns. Joyce couldn't understand why, how. Harry Styles. Famous, innocent, loving sweetheart? Not to Joyce. They went to school together, Harry made her life 'doom'. Then they meet again. Has he ever changed?..


13. WLMN: Chapter 13 friends with benefits?



  Joyce's POV

   I woke up to the sound of everyone screaming, I saw everyone with tears in their eyes and I faced Niall who was lying against the car door. I got to Niall with tears racing against my cheeks.

  'Niall..' I said with my soft voice crumbling as i cried.

  ... he didn't reply. 'What the fuck happened?!'

  'I zoomed out for a bit while driving.. and we .. I hit a truck, please forgive me for my mistakes.' Louis said with his eyes getting watery again.

   'We all forgive you but that's not the problem right now, get Niall outside and wait for the ambulance, i hear it.' Liam said with his serious voice.

 Everyone left the car except Harry and I.

  Harry's POV

  They all left but Joyce and i sat still in our seats. i got up and sat next to her.

 'Babe, you okay?'

  'Niall is unconsious, how do you think I feel.' she replied nearly shouting.

  'Look babe, Niall is a strong guy, he is a fighter and he will get out fine, believe me. There were tough times where he got lots of hate and at one point he was tired and almost killed himself. And I'm sure he will be fine he just got 'sleepy'.'

  Joyce looked me in the eyes 'Really?' she asked

 'Positive, babe' i replied

  'Stop fucking calling me babe we are not dating.' she said rolling her eyes

  I smirked and we both left the car.

  Zayn's POV

  The ambulance got here and put Niall in the ambulance. We all talked to the nurse asking questions to make sure he would be fine.

  'So is he going to be fine?' Marcel asked.

   'He is going to be fine but we need to take him to the hospital for a check up he has cuts and bruises but he is fine, we won't need to keep him overnight.' he nurse replied

  Everyone cheered and hugged each other. Niall was special, he was sweet, funny, talented, and everyone looked at him as their little brother.

 'So which hospital are you going to?' I asked

 'Golden Flower Hospital.' she replied   [ i made that hospital up]

 The ambulance left and so did we.

  Joyce's POV

 We drove the hospital which was about 20 minutes away. Harry put his head on my shoulder and looked into my eyes.

 ' I love you ' he said

  I looked at him confused. 'What?' I said

  ' Want to be my love, darling?' he said

  'Look I do have feeling for you and Niall -'

 ' We could all be friends with benefits" he winked

 I blushed 'Um what.'

  'I will take that as a yes, so now you technically have two 'boyfriends'.' he said while pecking a kiss on my cheek.

 What the hell just happened..


SORRY FOR THE GRAMMAR AND SPELLING MISTAKES I DIDNT HAVE TIME TO CHECK. ahhh Joyce ?!!! What do you think will happen now that theyre friends with benefits ;) lol sorry

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