Why Love Me Now

Who knew a tiny mistake could change a persons life; Drastic decisions and turns. Joyce couldn't understand why, how. Harry Styles. Famous, innocent, loving sweetheart? Not to Joyce. They went to school together, Harry made her life 'doom'. Then they meet again. Has he ever changed?..


11. WLMN: chapter 11 Marcel Styles

 aha i changed the cover, do you like it? I'm adding Marcel to the story.. HE'S JUST SO CUTE


  Joyces POV

  I sat in the booth waiting for our food to be cooked. Niall appeared and sat next to me.

 'We should be friends, I love you but I am not ready to date, causing too many stuff.' he said

 'Good we will be BFFs only for now on, I love you.' I replied

  We both smiled as the rest of the boys sat down with us with trays of food. Zayn sat next to me, Niall sat to the right of me, Liam sat across from Niall and Harry sat across from Zayn, and Louis sat across from me. We got our trays and started eating in silence for 5 minutes before Harry spoke out.

  'Guys, you kmow Marcel right?' he asked us

   'Yeah he is nice.' the boys replied.

   "Who is Marcel..' I added

  'Marcel is my twin brother. He has no where to go because its summer break and he will be staying at the house all summer because hes not very popular, but he's really sweet.' 'Oh, so is he gonna come?' I asked 'If it's fine with you guys..' Harry added

  We all replied with a 'yes' and continued eating. Wow another Harry is coming with us. I hope he is sweet like they said..

  We finished eating and headed to the car. 'Marcel said he will meet us at the gas station on 23rd street.' Harry said. We got to the gas station to find Marcel Styles leaning by a pole. He was wearing glasses with tape holding them in the middle and he was wearing  a sweater vest and black jeans and black converse. He was a... nerd. But I thought he was adorable.

  'Hey guys, I'm Marcel Styles!!' he said in a geeky, high pitched voice. I smiled and greeted him with a hug as he stood there frozen staring at me. Oh boy, this will be a looong trip..


 WOW I HAVE FALLEN FOR MARCEL aha BSE is my jam! I'm so proud of the boys! HAPPY 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY GUYS!! <3 I will be updating soon since im on summer breag! love you all bye

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