Why Love Me Now

Who knew a tiny mistake could change a persons life; Drastic decisions and turns. Joyce couldn't understand why, how. Harry Styles. Famous, innocent, loving sweetheart? Not to Joyce. They went to school together, Harry made her life 'doom'. Then they meet again. Has he ever changed?..


10. WLMN: chapter 10

Harrys POV

  I felt like i was about to die, inside i felt horrible pains drifting to my heart all over my cold body. Joyce spotted me and looked back at Niall. I ran away as fast as i could, trying to not let Joyce or Niall see me starting to cry warm tears. I made it back to the other lads trying to wipe away my tears before they could ask why i was crying.

 'Hey why are you back to quickly, mate?' Liam asked

 'Erm i don't know, didnt need to use the loo anymore..' I added

   I saw Niall and Joyce walking back together closely. I  turned around and stood behind Louis. 'Hey what up Harry? I can tell somethings up between you and Joyce..' Louis said. 'Its nothing Louis.' i said while moving past him.

Joyces POV

   I  walked closely by Niall as i saw Harry shifting and turning all over the place, almost like he was trying to hide from me.

 'Hey guys! So I say we grab some food before we hit the road?' I say

   They all answered with a 'sure' or 'yeah'. We drove to  the nearest McDonalds and we entered. I pulled Harry next to me

  'Whats going on Harry?'

  'Nothing, its just that on my way to the loo..'  he pauses as he faced the ground.

  'You saw me and Niall kissing. Look Harry, Niall and I have been dating, thats why i didn't want to go out with you'

  'Oh, okay then. Well I'm sorry.' He replies with a frown on his sweet kissable face.

  'We can totally be BFFS THOUGH!' I say making him smirk. Ufff it was so sexy when he smirked, wait what was I thinking?

  'Hey lovebirds come order your food!' Zayn says with a smirk. I looked at Niall he had jelousy and sadness written all over his face. I frowned as I thought he had thought i had feelings for Harry. Which i don't.. I think.

  I walked over to Niall and hugged him to make him feel better. He hugged back for a second then suddenly pulled me away as he waddled over to Liam still with a frown on his face. I sat at the nearest table thinking of what I should do. Right when i was deep in my thoughts a curly haired boy sat across me. 'I won't be jelly that the most beautiful girl is dating Niall' he said with sarcasm in his voice.

  'Niall wont talk to me, he saw us talking..'

  'I'll talk to him, okay?' he replied

Nialls POV

  Joyce hugged me but i pulled away. I saw the way Harry looked at her. She was mine, but he wanted her too. I didn't know what to do. i was sad and jelous of him. Why cant he just leave Joyce and I alone. He already gets all of the beautiful girls while i get hate! I found my princess and I'm not going to let her slip away from me..

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