Why Love Me Now

Who knew a tiny mistake could change a persons life; Drastic decisions and turns. Joyce couldn't understand why, how. Harry Styles. Famous, innocent, loving sweetheart? Not to Joyce. They went to school together, Harry made her life 'doom'. Then they meet again. Has he ever changed?..


3. With you?

Harry's P.O.V

  " Joyce is at Starbucks, but you can go meet her there," Joyce's mum said. "Okay, thank you." I replied to her. I told my mum then we drove off. I got out a small blue box and opened it, it was a locket I gave to her in kindergarten. I felt bad, I didn't know she still had it. It brought back memories and an-d I actually miss her... I closed the box and we finally got there.My mum found her in a booth. We both waved and I flashed a cheeky smile, but I quickly hid it.

Joyce's P.O.V

  Auntie Anne and Harry waved hi and so did I. Harry gave a cute smile, then hid it. I had to admit that brought memories back, and it was cute. They sat across from me in the same booth.

"Hey Auntie Anne! Harry," I said dragging out 'Harry'

. " Hey sweetie, how are you!?" Said Auntie Anne. She wasn't related to me but I still called her auntie.

" Hey Joyce, nice to see you." Said Harry.

" Hey Hazza, nice to see you too." I said.

He flashed another smile. So Harry needs to ask and give you something. Harry pulled out a blue box. " Ohh no .. is he proposing?!" I said in my mind. I took the box and opened it. I was suprised. Very suprised. It looked exactly like the lo- locket ! But it was extra beautiful. "Why'd you do this, you don't even like me , Harry!" " I felt bad, I didn't know you still had it." But I need to tell you something else. " Mum, privacy?" Harry says " Sure, honey, good luck!" She says giving Harry a wink.

 Harry's P.O.V

 I still had her voice on rewind when she said 'Hey Hazza.' . " Hey my mum really likes you and she told me we need to get along. She talked to your mum and she said it was a great ideal." " So, we want you to come to vacation with me and the lads, just us. Will you come?" "Umm," I say.  My mum kept signaling Joyce to say yes.

  " Fine. But I don't like you Harry, I actually HATE you, kay?" I say to him. " Ok. Go home and pack we leave tonight!" " Wait where are we go-" I left her hanging because I already left pretending I didn't hear her.

 Joyces P.O.V Of course Harry didn't answer my question. I got into my car thinking what I got myself into and why I said yes.

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