Why Love Me Now

Who knew a tiny mistake could change a persons life; Drastic decisions and turns. Joyce couldn't understand why, how. Harry Styles. Famous, innocent, loving sweetheart? Not to Joyce. They went to school together, Harry made her life 'doom'. Then they meet again. Has he ever changed?..


2. Starbucks

Joyces P.O.V

  I woke up late. I remember going to sleep at 3:00 early morning. I went downstairs to eat breakfast, but just half a bagel because I was going to Starbucks and look for different colleges I was intrested in. I stripped to nothing and took a nice refreshing shower. I got out of the shower and covered myself with a bright pink towel.

 I went to my closet and picked out light-washed Levis skinny jeans and a blue striped hollister crop top and threw on a light red cardigan. I went to my car as put my hair in a messy bun. I turned on the radio and One Directions 'Kiss You' was playing. I sighed in disgust as Harry's solo came on. " Harry seems sweet and caring, but once you get to know him you would want to marry a trashcan than be in the same room as him" I whispered to myself. But I laughed when Niall said 'OW!' I started to say it along. Suddenly someone ringed my phone. It was my mum.

 " Hello," I said.

" Hey, sweetie Auntie Anne and Harry Styles is in the house looking for you," she replied.

" Ohh mum, I'm at Starbucks right now.."

" I'll just tell them to meet you there,ok?"

" Ummm ok that's fi-fine.."

" Okay, Harry just want to tell you something and return something, Bye!"

He wants to to talk to me? Maybe to apoligise? He wants to return something?..

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