My Love For You

The Story is about a girl who is new in town named Peyton and she meets these five singing idiots and they become great friends. Peyton has had her fair share of heartbreaks and it leaves her scared to love again. Will she overcome a fear and look past her past? She has had a rough life, loosing her dad and her sister, and her horrible ex-boyfriend. He was just the worst. Will Peyton's life piece together and have a happy ending or will she ruin her chanes and be alone for a long time? No one knows, UNTIL YOU READ THE STORY!! ehe.


1. Settled In.

Peyton's P.O.V

I had just moved into a big new house. My life had a new start. It was relieving to move away from my ex. He ruined everything for me. I shook my head to stop thinking about him. I walked up stairs and into my room. I looked around at my new room and how huge it was. Everything i had boxed up, it was put away.My room was painted a purple-blue color and had a white cheetah carpet. I was addicted to cheetah's and cheetah print. I don't know why though. My bed set was cheetah too. Everything i owned was mostly cheetah. It was getting late, so i opened my closet and grabbed some of my purple pj's that had little bunny's on them! I went into the bathroom that was connected to my room. I looked into the mirror and stared at my long brown hair and my sparkling hazel eyes. I tilted my head to the side to look at me some more. I showered and got dressed and then went downstairs because I smelled food. "Hey mum." she turned to me and i saw her making tacos. "Hi honey. How was your shower?" she asked me saying slowly realizing what she said. "Um, it was nice i guess..... I DON'T KNOW IT WAS A SHOWER!!" We laughed at each other and she slid me and my little brother a plate with crunchy taco's on them. "OH YEA!!! THANKS MUM!" my little brother Jacob practically screamed. After i had finished eating I yawned and stretched and carried Jacob to bed and told mom goodnight. I ran upstairs and plopped on my bed. Mum came upstairs and said, " Honey, you should get settled in a little more.You should get some rest, You do have school tomorrow. Goodnight Darling." "Goodnight." She shut my light off and shut the door. I laid there thinking about my ex. I soon went to sleep and dreamed a lovely dream.

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