My Love For You

The Story is about a girl who is new in town named Peyton and she meets these five singing idiots and they become great friends. Peyton has had her fair share of heartbreaks and it leaves her scared to love again. Will she overcome a fear and look past her past? She has had a rough life, loosing her dad and her sister, and her horrible ex-boyfriend. He was just the worst. Will Peyton's life piece together and have a happy ending or will she ruin her chanes and be alone for a long time? No one knows, UNTIL YOU READ THE STORY!! ehe.


3. School, Again.

Peyton's P.O.V.

I woke up feeling refreshed after my wonderful day yesterday. *Beep Beep* I grabbed my phone. -Harry: Hey. Wake Up! We have SCHOOL!!- I laughed at the text and replied. -I'm AWAKEE!! Or am i......??-   I sent the message and crawled out of bed. I stretched and yawned, then walked by my window. I raised the window and felt the weather. It was sooooo hot out today! I walked in my closet and grabbed a black sparkly tank top with some galaxy shorts. I grabbed some galaxy converses and some fake glasses. I went to the bathroom and showered. I brushed my teeth, did my makeup, got dressed, and went into my room. *Beep Beep* I ran to my phone. -Harry: so your asleep now.... texting me.....nice! - I replied. -Lolz. im awake and im ready 4 skool! R u?!?!-  I smiled at my text. I grabbed my bag and walked downstairs. I ate a biscuit off the stove my mum made. "Bye Mum. See you when i get home." I had a mouth full of food. When i opened the door , Surprisingly Harry was standing there about to knock. "Well, Hello." He looked at me and looked at my outfit. I smiled at him. "Hi. What are you doing here?" He laughed. "I'm kidnapping you and taking you to school. Now let's GOO!" He said pulling my hand and into the car. He got inside and started the car. "Harry, You do know i have a car right?" He looked at me like 'no duh.' "Yea but, i wanted to take you anyways." I smiled. We arrived at school and all eyes were on me. Every girl and boy were looking at me. I looked around at people and smiled.

This one girl jumped for joy when i smiled at her. I wasn't famous..... i guess i was just pretty and people liked that. My best friend falled in beside me and walked inside school with me when Harry parted off to some of his friends. "So, you and Harry dating?" My friend Bobbie Sue said. I looked at her like, ' uh no.' "Nu uh. He is my good friend." She looked at me and looked forward again. "Everybody loves us. I mean we aren't THAT hot." I looked over at her like 'really'. "Well i guess people just like us." She nodded.

A random girl ran up to me and was talking to me about global warming and polar bears. I wasn't paying attention to her because she just kept rambling on. The bell rang and i walked to class. I sat down and class begun.

*2hours later*

I walked with Niall to lunch. "So, we should hang out more often." I nodded. "Yea, I mean we have every class together and we barely speak." He laughed. "Yea. We should go by Nando's today." I smiled. "Yea. That sounds good." He smiled and nodded. After Lunch was over i went to my last 2 classes. Last class was drama, And my all time fave teacher was Ms.Lindsay! I don't see why she isn't married yet. SHES GORGEOUS!! "Okay guys, we are gonna do some improv now! Okay, Peyton, Niall, Bobbie Sue, and Liam. Up front on stage darlings." Ms. Lindsay called us up. We walked on stage. "Okay for this scene , Peyton you are a Princess locked in a tower and Niall you and Liam are trying to see who gets Peyton out of the castle first so you can Marry her. Bobbie Sue you are Peyton's Princess friend and whoever doesn't get Peyton, They get you! Okay, BEGIN" We started acting out. Niall got me and Liam got Bobbie Sue. "Oh my lovely Princess. I have always wanted this moment." I tried not to laugh during my speaking. "Why thank you. I worked hard at getting to you my dear." I smiled a little trying not to laugh. Niall saw me and i guess i pulled a funny face. He cracked up of laughter. Everyone started laughing. The day was over and i walked to Harry's car waiting for him. Niall ran up to me. "We still on for Nando's this evening?" I looked up at him. "Of Course." He smiled. " Great. I'll text you." He started backing off. " Okay. B-Bye." I waved. Harry walked up to the car and got in. I got in. "Had a good day?" He asked me. "Yes, Father." I said jokingly. "Hey, i was just wondering." He laughed. We got to my house. "See you later Harry." i opened my door and was about to get out. He grabbed my wrist. "Wait." I looked at him. "What." I simply stated smiling. "Erm, I like you." I looked at him. "Really?" He looked down letting go of my wrist. "Yea."  I thought he was dating Taylor...... "Harry aren't you dating someone else?" My smile moved to a straight face. "Oh, well.....yea." I got out of the car and the window was rolled down. "Next time Harry, Tell me you like me when you DON'T have a girlfriend!" I walked into my house. I was mad.

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