My Love For You

The Story is about a girl who is new in town named Peyton and she meets these five singing idiots and they become great friends. Peyton has had her fair share of heartbreaks and it leaves her scared to love again. Will she overcome a fear and look past her past? She has had a rough life, loosing her dad and her sister, and her horrible ex-boyfriend. He was just the worst. Will Peyton's life piece together and have a happy ending or will she ruin her chanes and be alone for a long time? No one knows, UNTIL YOU READ THE STORY!! ehe.


4. Boys These Day's.

Peyton's P.O.V

I was pacing in my room upstairs. I started thinking, 'Why would he just plain out tell me he likes me THEN tells me he has a GIRLFRIEND!' I was so pissed. I walked to my bedside table an grabbed my phone. I dialed my other friend, Macy. Macy:Hello.  Me:Hey can you come over as soon as you can?  Macy:Oh god. Something happened. I'm on my way.  Me:Okay, Bye. *hangs up* About 10 minutes later Macy ran into my room. "What's going on?" I looked at the floor and a tear rolled. I didn't have that much of strong feelings for Harry so I didn't know why i was crying. "Okay. Sit down, let's talk." She said looking at me with guilt in her face.

I started telling her about Harry and told her what happened. "So he has a girlfriend and likes you?" I looked up at her. "Yea. I just do not understand boy's."  She smirked a little. "Me neither. Boy's these days." We both laughed and she stayed over for a while and we watched movies. I walked her to the door of the house. "You sure you don't wanna stay over?" She laughed. "I'm positive! See you later girl." She walked off and into her car. I walked in the house and upstairs. I skimmed through my twitter feeds. I saw a strange thing trending. '#HAYLORisover, #nomoHayhoe, and #thankgodHAYLORisover' I went to Harry's twitter. He tweeted about 2 hours ago and said, ' I called it quits today guys. We are broken up now. I had a reason....' I scrunched up my face. I felt bad. Was it my fault he broke up with her? He liked me, so he did break up with her over me. Oh god. I saw a fan tweeted Harry a picture of me in the car with him and him smiling and me smiling. She captioned it with, 'New Girlfriend? At least shes gorgeous.' OH MY GOD!! Everyone thinks i'm dating him!! I calmed down a little. I quickly texted Harry. 

Me: What the hell, Harry.  It was about 1 and a half minutes before he replied.  Harry: What is it? Xx;)   Me: You broke up with her! Harry, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?  I was pacing again.  Harry:She was to smothering. Every where i went she followed.  Me: ........I'm sorry.     Harry:..........No, i'm sorry. I shouldn't have told you i liked you then said i had a girlfriend. It was stupid.   Me: It's fine...... I over reacted a little...   Harry: It's okay.... Well i'll see you at school.  Me:Okay.  We stopped texting. I felt way better after we talked it out. Everywhere on twitter there was stuff about me, well 'Mystery Girl.' I soon fell asleep on my phone and was knocked out cold.

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