My Love For You

The Story is about a girl who is new in town named Peyton and she meets these five singing idiots and they become great friends. Peyton has had her fair share of heartbreaks and it leaves her scared to love again. Will she overcome a fear and look past her past? She has had a rough life, loosing her dad and her sister, and her horrible ex-boyfriend. He was just the worst. Will Peyton's life piece together and have a happy ending or will she ruin her chanes and be alone for a long time? No one knows, UNTIL YOU READ THE STORY!! ehe.


2. Boys, Boys, Boys.

I woke up the next morning thinking about a new school. I went to go shower and got out with my towel on and ran to my room. I got out an outfit. It was a pink tank top, black skinny jeans, a tan little jacket that the sleeves went to my elbows in, and i slid on some tan Tom's. I applied on some mascara and put on some sparkly tan eye shadow on and looked in the mirror. I smiled at myself and walked out of my room. I turned around and walked back in my room when i forgot my bag for school and my tan clutch. I finally went downstairs and kissed my mum bye. "Your not gonna eat anything?" She asked me with a surprised face. "Nah. I wanna get to school early." I said slipping on some ear ring and putting in some gum. The gum was minty so it reminded me of something. I sprinted upstairs and brushed my teeth fast until it was minty and fresh. I ran downstairs running out the door and yelling, " Bye Mum!" She just laughed at me. I started the car and pulled out my driveway. Yea , i had a car. It was a pink mercedes benz with my license plate saying , 'Princess P.' I parked my car and put some sunglasses on. It was a bright day. I pressed the button on my keys to lock the doors. I looked around and shoved my glasses to the top of my head. My hair was flowing down and was more perfect than it ever was. I was looking down at my nails when i bumped into someone in the hallway. I looked up. "Woah there. You alright?" He looked down at me. He was tall and had curly curly hair. Perfect face and everything. I managed to say, "Yea i'm fine." He smiled. "You new here?" I twirled with my fingers while talking to him. "Yea...." I showed him my schedule. "Oh wow. Your in all my classes. Look's like you will be in all my classes and my mates." He smiled a flirty smile. "Oh, Okay. Great then." He holds his hand out. "I'm Harry, From One-" I knew it so i cut him off. "From One Direction. I know, My friend back in New Orleans loves you guys." He laughed a little. The bell rang and Harry said for me to follow him. We got into class and Harry told the teacher i was new here and stuff. "Well stand in front of the room and introduce yourself, darling." The teacher stared at me when he said that and pointed to a spot for me to stand. "Uhh, Hi. I'm Peyton Monroe." "Do You guys have any questions do ask Peyton?" The teacher said. Loads of people raised there hands. I called on a blonde haired guy. " Whats your favorite place to eat?" His voice flowed through my body. His Irish accent was so perfect. "Umm, Well i like a place downtown called Nando's" I replied. "NO WAY! MINE TOO!" He was so excited. I couldn't help but smile. Next, i called on another guy. HE had a quiff and was just perfect! "Do you look in mirrors often?" I nodded and he said , "YES!" I laughed a little. Next, I called on a guy with brown wavy hair and he just looked at me and smiled. "Hi, I'm Liam. Do you like bears? Like Teady Bears?" "Of course. Who wouldn't?" Next i called on this guy with stripes and a carrot on his shirt. "You like carrots?" He was also eating one. "Yea. They make your eyes pretty." He nodded.  "Alright, Last one Peyton." I called on Harry. "Do you have a boyfriend?" I blushed a little and said, "Um, No." I felt my belly flip as he asked it. "Do you want one?" He winked. The teacher stood up and directed me to my seat. It was right by Harry's...... oh god. Let the flirting begin. "Next time Harry, ask normal questions." We learned alot of new stuff. The day went by fast. My last class was drama. I began walking to Drama with Harry. "So, Do you have a phone?" He asked with a low husky voice. "Yea." I was getting nervous. Don't know why, I was beautiful today. I got lucky. "Can we exchange numbers?" i had no more nervousness left in me. "Yea. Here's my number" I said writing it down on a paper and handing him it. "Thanks. Here's mine." We walked to class and some random girl ran up to Harry. Guess she was stalking him so he quickly grabbed my hand. "HI HARRY!!!AHHHHHH" she was short with two blonde pigtails. "H-Hi." He looked scared. She looked over at me and looked at our hands. " Who is she..? WHY IS SHE HOLDING YOU HAND HARRY!! OH MY GOD!! ARE YOU DATING HER!!??" Everyone turned to us. "Yea this is my girlfriend." I looked at him like 'what'. he gave me a play along look. He gripped my waist and pulled me closer in. "Yea this is my boyfriend! So go away honey." Harry smiled at me. "Ugh! FINE!" She stomped off. Harry let go of me. "That was close." he wiped his forhead. "What was that all about?" "She is a crazed fan. I mean i love my fans but, she stalks me....." He started to get a little scared. I tell by the way he looked. "Oh Poor Harry." He smiled cause i pouted my lip. We walked to drama. 

*30 minutes later* 

I was walking out of class when i heard a familiar voice calling out my name. I turned around and I saw the blonde guy from all my classes. "Hey Peyton. I never got to tell you my name." I looked at his beautiful face. I couldn't stop staring until he held out his hand. "I'm Niall Horan." He was from One Direction to and the other guys in my class! Oh god. My friend was gonna freak. I looked at his hand. He said , "What's wrong with my hand?" He looked upset. "Oh nothing, i just don't shake hands." "What do you do then?" I answered with a smile on my face, " I hug." I grasped him into my arms and hugged him. So Soft.

Niall's P.O.V

Her hug was like a soft kitten. I wanted to stay there forever. But i couldn't. She let go and said, "Your accent is so gorgeous." I think I blushed a little. "T-Thanks. I'm Irish." She smiled. "I can tell. Well i should get going, Niall." As she started walking off i grabbed her wrist pulling her back to me. "Yea," she looked up at me with hopeful eyes. "Can i have your phone number......?" She reached in her back pocket and jotted down her number. She handed to to me. "There, Goodbye Niall." She kissed me on the cheek and walked off while her hair was flowing while she walked. She looked back and looked at me and smiled. She was sooooooooo Pretty!

Peyton's P.O.V

I walked off. Niall was so gorgeous. I knew he liked me. I saw it in his eyes.  A girl outside ran up to me. "Your so pretty. You know every guy has fallen for you." i kept walking and so did she. "Okay. Thanks. Bye now." I was in a rush.... sorry. I went to my car to see a Jock leaning against the back of it. I sighed. "What." He looked at me. "You know you like me." He walked towards me to kiss me. He pressed his lips to mine. I didn't see him walking towards me. I pushed him off of me. " Oh my god. YOU DID NOT JUST KISS ME!" He smiled and went to lean on my car. "You liked it." I glared at him. "GET OFF MY CAR NOW!" I saw another guy coming up behind him. He was the guy with the flowing brown hair in class. He was Liam. I remembered from my friend. He tapped the Jock. The Jock guy stood up and walked towards Liam like he was gonna hit him. I sighed. I put my clutch and bag in my car. I removed my toms. I went over to the Jock. Tapped him simply. "Excuse me, You can go now" I stood besides Liam with my arm around his back. The Jock looked at me and winked. "Goodbye, Hotty."I rolled my eyes. "So thank you, Liam." He Looked confused. "How do you know my - ohhhhhh. You know my band." I nodded. "Well i gotta go. Thanks." I kissed his cheek and got into my car. I slid my glasses down on my eyes. I lifted my glasses up a little at Liam. He grinned and laughed. I was on my way home! All i could think about was Boys, Boys, Boys!!!



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