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Okay, i'm going ti try actually finish this ine as we all know i'm not the most loyal:(.
This must of started off as a shit year for Ruby, until she became the popular girl. But what will happen when she throws a high school house party and some things go maybe better than planned, also causing it to be worst...
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5. Wowza...

Chapter five -

'I was just wondering, tomorrow, or whenever your not busy, do you want to come and meet some of my friends? I saw your friend Chelsea and i want her to meet them, and i also want to spend the day with you' Josh smiled, looking to the ground.
'Sure, i'll ask Chelsea, i think i can make tomorrow, if i wake up...' I giggled, running out and tumbling down the stairs, still on my feet thankfully.
I skidded into the kitchen, ignoring anyone i bumped into.
'Chelsea, Josh want us meet his friends tomorrow, cancel your plans, you're coming with me thanks, love you' i rushed, leaving her stood with the quick piece of information i'd just left her.
'She can come' i smiled at Josh after jumping back upstairs two at a time and into my room where he was looking about.

Morning came and i found myself tucked up on the sofa in a thick blanket and half a glass of water on the coffee table next to me. The floor was sort of clean with just a few bits needed to be vacuumed, and everything was in black bags in the corner of the room. I'm pretty sure things were messier than this last night.
I noticed a white piece of paper stuck to the table with tape was flapping around due to a breeze from an open window.
'Hey Ruby, i cleared up, thought you needed some help, you passed out last night just as everyone was leaving, so i just found a blanket and got to work. Didn't vacuum, thought it would wake you, but text me when you wake up, see you later, Josh xx'
Awh!! Bless him!
Just then, the doorbell rang, and the door flew open a few seconds after. Chelsea or Holly.
'Morning, thanks for last night, what time are we meeting Josh?' Chelsea strolled in, a little happier and less hungover than i thought she would be.
'I was just about to text him, how come you seem fine?' I yawned, holding the bridge of my nose.
'I didn't actually drink much last night, i had a few but then started to feel ill so just drank water. People seemed to think it was vodka or something so i just swapped a few times' she explained, folding up the blanket and putting it on the back of the sofa where it stayed.
'I just have to do the vac'ing and we can go. He said he'll meet us at Starbucks in an hour' i read from my phone.
'I'll doing the tidying, you get ready, you look a mess' she chuckled, pushing me upstairs. I shrugged and obeyed.
I went upstairs and took a really quick shower, then went and pick out my outfit. It was warm so a pair of simple denim blue shorts were pulled out of my drawer, along with a green cropped top and some green vans. I pulled my hair back in a bun and shook my hair to let some loose strands fall infront of my face, then pushed them away from my eyes. Simple make up and simple hair, easy as pie.
I hopped downstairs, greeted by a smile from Chelsea who was putting the vacuum away in the cupboard. She was dressed in some fading pink shorts and had left her auburn brown hair naturally wavy down her back. She had tucked a plain white top into her shorts and pink vans covered her feet, which she in fact hated. Weird phobia of feet...

We set off, Starbucks was only a few minutes down the road. Chelsea kept asking how we met, so i did explain, even if i felt a little embarrassed. I mean, who does that? Who meets a stranger at a party then agrees to go meet his friends the next day, with only the knowledge of his name? Okay, i do...
We arrived at the cafe, and slipped ourself into one of the empty booths, Chelsea sitting across from me. The waitress came and took our usual orders, two large hot chocolates with whipped cream and a straw.
After we'd been here about 20 minutes, the chime of the door rang, and i looked round to see Josh walk in, with five other lads behind him, laughing away. He and the boys all had dark shades on and we trying to keep their heads low. I tried to make them out but four of them had beanies or baseball caps on, and the last one just had a simple shaved head.
I was calm. But Chelsea wasn't. She was sat with her mouth open, rubbing her eyes constantly.
'Josh' i smiled a he walked nearer to our table. He looked at me, and smiled.
'Hey Ruby, Hi Chelsea' he nodded to both of us. His friends stood there shyly.
'Sit down?' Chelsea grinned, and i could she she was shaking. What was going on?
The blonde boy sat gingerly next to her, shuffling over, getting quite close to her, and the boy who seemed to have a black quiff peeping out from under his hat placed himself quietly next to that. The first boy in the beanie with the brown hair popped himself on the other end next to me, Josh was already on the other side while the boy with a shaved head pulled up a chair and the last boy with curls popping out from under his beanie just squatted at the other side of the table.
'Maybe we should go somewhere with more room, and more privacy, not in that way guys, you know what i mean...' Josh suggested, standing up.
We all followed him out, and the lads all piled into a big black land rover.
'Aren't you two coming?' One of the guys popped his head round the side of the door. We shrugged and got in, squeezing up as best we could.
'Here' Josh offered, patting his lap so i shuffled myself onto it and ducked down a bit so i didn't bang my head on the, higher than i expected, roof.
'Where are we going?' I asked.
'We'll all go to Harrys place, this is Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, an thats Zayn, you might have guessed, they're them, yes chelsea' Josh chuckled, seeing Chelsea almost break down into tears as the car sped down the road, tossing us around the car.
'Hi, were One Direction' they chorused, then laughed when they saw the state Chelsea was in.
Holy shit, these boys were even more gorgeous in reality!
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