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Okay, i'm going ti try actually finish this ine as we all know i'm not the most loyal:(.
This must of started off as a shit year for Ruby, until she became the popular girl. But what will happen when she throws a high school house party and some things go maybe better than planned, also causing it to be worst...
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2. The winner takes it all...

'Chelsea my mum said yes, i text her in art and she agreed as long as no one gets pregnant and sues us' i giggled, walking over to her, holly and alex who were seated in the lunch hall chewing on their food.
'Are you sure?' She stuttered.
I nodded and went off to spread the news to everyone who we wanted.
You see, my mum had said yes to having Chelsea's house party at my house. After all, my house was bigger and my parents weren't too bothered, they'd probably just go out all night and let me have the house to myself. My older sister wont care either. She'll probably bring the alcohol to be fair!
'Okay, that everyone, 7 till the early hours, you should probably be at mine for about 6 to help me get sorted, and Holly and Alex can come early too if you want to help? Thank god we have a training day tomorrow, how lucky!?' I exclaimed, just as the bell rang for forth period.
'Holly, don't forget, we have a netball tournament after school, bye' i waved, heading off to geography with the next person i saw, Molly.

When the end of school came i went to the lockers to collect my PE kit, and waited for Holly by the doors. She soon came and we got dressed into our kits. The school really hadn't thought about it, i doubt they cared! Not that i'm complaining. Our uniform was a pair of really short black shorts, basically kickers and a tight white v neck shirt to make. Thats it. Of corse trainers but that was it. I don't care, i like it, but some people really kicked off about it, freaks.


The 7 of us piled into our school minibus, myself and Holly sat right at the back so we could use our phones. Our team was made up of us, Molly, Allie, Freya, Lucy and Emily. We were a good team, only cause we were quite aggressive, but we'd never played a tournament with Freya as of yet. Our old team member, Georgie, quit because she was moving schools, and she was our best. Freya seems good in practice, but in a match? I'm not sure?
We soon arrived at the school, and it was basically just a long building with i think 3 floors, and two smaller one level buildings at either end, forming a horseshoe look. The gym was the smaller building on the left side, as we already knew due to a previous even here. We headed straight over there.
The gym was quite new now. Before, it had been a white chipped painted room, with fain lines drew out on the floor, however now, its floors were green, with bold white lines and various equipment hanging from the bricked pure white walls. It looked quite nice.
The opposing team were stood around the room getting in practice before the game. They're uniform was just a pair of long baggy shorts and a purple shirt with the school logo on, ew. They looked disgusting. Only one girl had tried to fix it, by turning up the top and making the shorts shorter and using a bobble to pin the top together at the back. She was prettier than the rest i must say. I'm sure she's captain, but so am i, and i was sure we could beat these losers.
'Group, huddle' i gritted my teeth as she scowled at me and flicked her hair.
'We going to win, they're chumps, just remember everything we put into practice, right?' I ordered, nodding my head as they did. We had a team cheer then did a few laps of the gym to warm up.
'Team captains' the schools teacher called and i jogged over. As i predicted, that pig was captain. They flipped a coin and i picked tails. I like dogs?
'Tails it is, your ball' she shrugged and i grinned, taking the ball from her grasp.
We played well, quite viciously but well. The score at half time was 5-3, them in the leas sadly.
'Girls come on, just give it all you've got,' i thought for a second, 'Emily, swap with me, your a better centre, i'll got try score some more with Lucy. Freya stay as wing defence, Holly you take goal keeper and Allie take goal defence, Mollie you stay as wing attack. Ready?' I bossed and we all swapped.
The second half went well. As soon as the whistle went we got the ball down our end and scored 3 more shots, taking us into the lead by one. In the final minute though. That was intense. The ball was currently down near our net. Holly was blocked as best she could but the bitchy girl had the ball and was lining it up.
Suddenly, i hear a voice cheer for her. It wasnt a girl, it was a boy. My dyes were drawn to the guy in the corner, who had been sat watching all the time. His eyes met mine and he winked. I smiled and blushed, and he mimed a sneeze? What was that meant to mean. Everything was silent, as the girl aimed.
I got it. Just as she was about to shoot, i 'sneezed' quite loudly. Her aim went off and the ball left her hands. I hand my fingers crossed behind my back, watching eagerly. It was like one of those moments where everything is slowed down and it seems like forever before it happens.
The ball skimmed the rim, circling it for a while before i flew off the edge and rolled down the floor. Our team burst into squeals! We all had a group hug, and i thanked the boy in the corner from a distance. We could celebrate in all our glory tonight at the party! That was one of the most important games we had, and we won!
As we left with our things, we walked past the boy in the corner who was by the door. He slipped something into my back pocket as i brushed past him and i spun my head round, giving him a quick grin. Out of the corner of my eye, i saw the girl who i dislike from the other team, quickly peck his lips sadly and leave with him on her hand. They were a couple?! And he'd been flirting with me?! What?! My jaw dropped...
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