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Okay, i'm going ti try actually finish this ine as we all know i'm not the most loyal:(.
This must of started off as a shit year for Ruby, until she became the popular girl. But what will happen when she throws a high school house party and some things go maybe better than planned, also causing it to be worst...
Thanks cx


1. I don't like Mondays...

I jumped out of bed excitedly. I had no idea why i was so happy this morning. Usually i hate monday mornings, but today? Today i was in a really good mood! I smiled at myself in the mirror, shaking out my hair and admiring myself. I looked over my smooth spotless skin and winked at myself cheerily, before skipping off toward my own bathroom to take a warm shower.
I'm Ruby by the way, Ruby Smith.
Once out of the shower i dried my short blonde hair and pulled it back loosely on the top of my head, creating a small bun, then altered it so it was lower and nicer. Then i slapped a layer of pale foundation on my white face and swiped on some powder and blush. Finally i completed my eyes with some dark black eyeliner and mascara.
I pulled over my head a baggy beige jumper with two black swords on the front, and some quite short denim short to go with it. On my feet i slipped a pair of black vans and picked up my bag on my way downstairs.


'Bye mum' i called, running past the kitchen counter and grabbing a single piece of well done toast as i stepped out of the door. I kept a large smile on my face all the way to school, where i met with Holly and Alex on the field.
Holly is one of those girls who you go to for advice. She ha a tall, slim figure, and long ginger hair, that today she had shoved up in a very messy ponytail. She was wearing an american flag shirt, and some plain black leggings with red converse. Red is her favourite colour you see. Her make up was like mine except her eyeliner was a little thicker.


Alex was her boyfriend, my other best friend too. He was also tall, taller than Holly, and was muscly and toned. He had mouse brown flippy hair and blue eyes, and was wearing some black skinny jeans and i tight white v neck top. He was walking in clean white converse and a black beanie was sitting on his head nicely.


Me and Holly headed off to form in the opposite direction to Alex. It was Chelseas, our other friends, birthday today, and we wanted to get into form to say happy birthday to her before anyone else.
Chelsea was a quiet girl. She enjoyed reading and was the girl you'd class as a geek, but she was pretty. Way pretty. She was actually gorgeous. She has brown tinted hair that was currently just natural and was wearing a simple white top and black leggings. She wore white ballet flats on her feet while she quietly sat at the back of form reading. She wasn't the most sociable person really.


'Happy Birthday!' We squealed as we entered, making her jump and sigh, putting her book down and smiling.
'Just as i got to the good bit! Thanks guys' she joked, hugging us both.
'So anything planned for your 16th?' I asked, nudging her a little and taking my seat next to her.
'Nope, i'm home alone, mum and dad are on holiday in America' Hollys face lit up for a split second, 'and they're not going to be back until next weekend' she explained.
'I have the perfect idea.' Holly grinned. I knew what it was.
'House party' we chorused but she immediately disagreed.
'Why not? It'll be great' i encouraged but she stood her ground.
'My parents would kill me' she screamed.
I thought for a second, then smiled at them both. I had the perfect plan...
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