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Okay, i'm going ti try actually finish this ine as we all know i'm not the most loyal:(.
This must of started off as a shit year for Ruby, until she became the popular girl. But what will happen when she throws a high school house party and some things go maybe better than planned, also causing it to be worst...
Thanks cx


4. A new friendship...

I looked over at the clock, which currently read 10pm. The party had been going on fir 3 hours an we were almost out of drinks. My sister had offered to go down to the shops for some more so i happily let her.
I decided i wanted a little bit of peace and quiet, so i headed upstairs where only about 10 people were. Some were just stood awkwardly in the hallway, others waiting for the bathroom to be free.
I staggered into my room, to find Allie and some guy i didn't even know sat on my bed with their tongues down each others throats. Remind me to lock my door when i go back out.
'Get out' i ordered quietly. They quickly obeyed and i laid on my bed for a minute to relax. I was still waiting to see mr 'guyfromthenetballmatchwhoidontknow'. What if he hadn't even come? What if he was just kidding? I didn't even know his name for gods sake and i was already thinking about him all night?! What had gotten into me!?
Suddenly, i heard the click of the door. I looked over and saw a familiar height stood in the dark if the doorway. They stepped inside without noticing me and shut the door. I made out that it was a muscly figure, so was presumably a man. He sat on the seat in the corner of my room, right where the light hit.
Then i saw him. The face i'd been waiting to see all night, or since the match.
'Hi Stranger' i whispered, sitting myself up so i was also in the light. He jumped a little and stood up.
'Oh sorry, i just needed some quiet, i know i'm late, sorry again' he looked to the floor, a look of nervous energy on his face.
'Don't be sorry, i was just surprised, i didn't think you'd come, we know absolutely nothing about each other so you're basically at a strangers party! I don't actually know your name' i slurred. I was majorly pissed.
'Josh, Josh Devine' he inputed.
'Well hi Josh, i'm Ruby' i grinned.
He took a moment to look at me, admiring my appearance, then spoke.
'Rubys a nice name' i simply said.
'As is Josh' i giggled, feeling my cheeks burn scarlet and trying to hide them.
But he was too. A boy was actually blushing? I never thought i'd witness it...
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