Somebody's Heartbreak

Baleigh has had it going for her, till Jacob breaks her newly recovered heart. After everything she has been through, who will win her heart? With balancing an important friendship and torn between two loves, one including Harry Styles, how will she be able to resist?


1. Should Of Known


“Get out!” Jacob screamed with a fire look in his eyes. This could not be happening once again. Next week would have been our one year anniversary. When I found Jacob, I was insecure and lost. I had reached a point when I thought I couldn’t go anymore. He made me feel alive and gave off a warm sensation. About a month ago, I couldn’t ask for more. Two weeks ago, I wanted to call quits. I couldn’t let him go. And because I didn’t, my heart was broken by the one who fixed it. And before I met Jacob, I was happy with one of the well known and famous people out there, Harry Styles. We had a pact. We mended together. We said we would never let go. But it all came to an end. He wanted to pursue his singing career, and I met Jacob. I’m not saying that’s why we parted, because I blame it on myself. If I would have been truthful and would have kept a promise, I could have kept what we had. But today, everything over the past two years was shook up. 

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