Summer Love (Niall Horan Love Story)

Danielle Holmes, a 19 year old girl, best friends with Niall horan since birth, ever since the age 13 she has had the biggest crush on him, but never spoke a word about it. He does. Niall reveals his love for her and she is in a daze an could never be happier, she forgets about the reality in life, Niall won't be on break for forever, only this summer. So join Niall, Danielle and the boys on this journey of love, hatred and many more yet to come.

• Summer Love •


2. Waking up, In a different way.

“So, the boys are gonna sleep... Where?“ Niall asked. “Well, they could sleep in the living room - oh wait, I have guest bedrooms, duh!“ I laughed, heading towards the rooms. I brought the blankets and showed them how to use everything. They seemed pretty settled in so I said goodnight. I walked into my room and changed into my plaid warm pj pants, and a matching button up shirt. I laid in bed and opened up my nook, and started reading.

I heard someone walk down the hall, so I quickly moved my head to hear what they were doing, I looked back down after the creaking stopped and started reading again. The book I was reading was shown to me by a friend, I was supposed to read it sooner, but.. The problem is I hate reading! I turned it off after getting bored reading, I sat there and rested my eyes. I heard my door creak open and opened my eyes, "hello?" I whispered. "Hey.." Niall said, "so, whatcha need?" I asked sitting up and crossing my legs. "Well, I just wanted to thank you for letting us stay over, we were gonna head to a hotel but you saved our trip." He said fiddling with his fingers. "It's no problem, I just missed you, and didn't want you to miss out of your bestfriends, and me." I laughed. He smiled, "well, goodnight, sleep good, best friend!" He winked, making me giggle. He walked out and I waved, blushing, man I hope he didn't notice.. He's been acting different lately, what was wrong.. I really hope I didn't do anything. I shook of my thoughts and closed my eyes before going into a deep sleep.
"Geeeeet Uuuuuuup!" The boys sung as they tried to wake me up, pulling off what they had done to Harry. "Neeeeh, get out!" I murmured. "GET UP DANIELLE!" Niall shouted. "No." I said. "Fine," he said and smirked at the boys. He walked out to get something. I grabbed the pillow and through it over my head.

I grabbed a big bowl full of ice and water and walked into Danielle's room. This was going to be awesome. I thought to myself. "1,2,3 GO!" I shouted an quickly poured the water on top of her.
"AAHHHHHHH!" She shouted and jumped out of bed, "I hate you!" She shouted at me, I put on my cutest puppy face, her face changed immediately, it was so cute. Everything she did was cute.. "Oh my gosh, I can't stay mad at you for forever!" She laughed and ran for me for a hug. "Ahh!" I yelled as she tackled me to the ground. The boys had left at this point and me and Danielle were alone. I wanted to kiss her so bad, but she'd kill me. We were now inches away, she was talking about how mad she was and that she'd get me back, even worse. "You should probably get off me." I laughed, she rolled her eyes an got off, "thanks" i laughed back, only to cover myself staring at her. I mean, I had to do something!
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