Summer Love (Niall Horan Love Story)

Danielle Holmes, a 19 year old girl, best friends with Niall horan since birth, ever since the age 13 she has had the biggest crush on him, but never spoke a word about it. He does. Niall reveals his love for her and she is in a daze an could never be happier, she forgets about the reality in life, Niall won't be on break for forever, only this summer. So join Niall, Danielle and the boys on this journey of love, hatred and many more yet to come.

• Summer Love •


4. The Beach

We pulled up to the beach and poured out of the car, I removed y shorts and tank top and layed a towel on the sand and layed down.
I heard somebody walk up to me and I looked up to see Niall. "Hey." He said and sat down, "hey," I smiled. " I gotta tell you something.." He said in a low tone. "What's up babe?" I said, sitting up, "well, we're only gonna be here the whole summer, and after that, we're leaving.." He said, "Niall, why are you leaving?" I asked almost crying, "we're gonna go record a new album, and go on tour." "I can't go with?" "They won't let anyone come with us, I already talked to them." He said and rubbed a tear away from his cheek. "Niall, don't cry. We can just enjoy the time together, these one hundred and something days!" I laughed trying to brighten up the mood. He laughed "yeah, your right." He said and hugged me, and it turned Ito him grabbing me and running towards the water, "Niall no!!!" I shouted pounding my fists on his back. "Nothing can stop you know!" He shouted and through me in the water, "Niall! I -- Can't -- Swim!" I shouted trying to swim, "crap!" He shouted and ran towards me, he grabbed me and pulled me close, "I'm sorry baby." He said and kissed me, passionately and soft. I looked behind his shoulder and spotted the pops. "Dang, the pops are here." I said and looked at Niall. "It's fine, I want them to see us together. He smiled and kissed my nose. I blushed and we walked out of the water. "WATER FIGHT!!!" Louis Shouted, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis all charged at me and Niall and we ran away, "ahh!" We both yelled, we ran into some cave, it was dark, creepy and there was something in here. "Niall, I'd rather get wet than be in here.." I whisper grabbing ahold of his arm. "Okay, it's alright Princess.." He whispered and kissed my forehead. We both walked back out and the boys were drying there body with some towels, I looked up to Niall and said, "There not gonna kill us!" I laughed, but I spoke too soon, and realised louis was gone. And felt some cool water splash in my body. "Nice one Louis." I laughed and held Niall close to my body for warmth.

We walked back up to the car and dryed ourselves, I changed into my tie dye shorts and my tank top. We headed home and figured out what to have for dinner. "Nando's?!" Niall suggested, "you suggested that like, five times." I laughed, "how about teriyaki?" Zayn suggested, "yeah!" We all agreed, Liam called a deliver and we were now discussing what movie to watch, "hmm, how about mickey mouses twice soon a Christmas? That was a cute movie," Louis suggested, we all agreed on that and sat down, the order was Me an Niall on a love seat, Harry, Louis, Together, and Zayn and Liam.
We all got blankets and cuddled. Niall put his hand on my stomach, like he knew I had a stomach ache and rubbed it. I looked at him and smiled, kissing his cheek.
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