Summer Love (Niall Horan Love Story)

Danielle Holmes, a 19 year old girl, best friends with Niall horan since birth, ever since the age 13 she has had the biggest crush on him, but never spoke a word about it. He does. Niall reveals his love for her and she is in a daze an could never be happier, she forgets about the reality in life, Niall won't be on break for forever, only this summer. So join Niall, Danielle and the boys on this journey of love, hatred and many more yet to come.

• Summer Love •


12. Ruining everything

*End Of July.*

Nialls POV•

I looked up to see Danielle sleeping peacefully, I got up and walked downstairs.
“Hey Louis.” I said seeing him on the couch.
“I was thinking maybe we could go on a double date at the year long ice rank?”
“That sounds fun,” he said, “Destiny might wanna bring her friend.”
“That's fine.”

I made my way to the pantry and heard Danielle come down the stairs.
“Hi.” She said and hugged me slightly falling into my arms.
“You alright?” I asked.
“Great! You?”

I turned around and Harry and Jade were sitting on the couch, along with Zayn and Sarah, And Destiny.. Who seemed to have eyes full of lust looking at Louis. They just go at it huh?

“So, Liam, I heard you and dan last night.. Pretty hardcore stuff?” I laughed and there cheeks turned bright red.

“Destiny, Danielle, go get dress warm and cozy.” I said and they nodded not saying anything and walking upstairs.

Danielle's POV •
I walked up stairs and into my room, me and destiny helped each other and picked out our outfits. She was talking about her friend that was joining us. I thought it was cool, but what about her boyfriend? Does she have one?

I looked at ourselfs in the mirror and was happy with the way we looked. We walked down the stairs and Niall and Louis escorted us out to the car.

We pulled up to an -- Ice rank?
I got out of the van and held hands with Niall, there was nobody there except us, louis, destiny, and her friend Skylar.
We said our hellos and started to skate. Well, attempt to.

“Niall!!” I shouted,
“Yes my beloved?”
“I gotta pee! I'll be back!” I shouted.

I walked into the bathroom and did my dutys.

Tonight I think me and Niall are gonna, you know, make love. He's been a good boy. I laughed at the thought and dryed my hands after washing them.

I walked out and -- no. I - I'm dreaming aren't I? Right? Please.. Don't let this be real.

Tears streamed down my face and my knees grew weak, and I fell to the floor.

My life is ruined.

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