Summer Love (Niall Horan Love Story)

Danielle Holmes, a 19 year old girl, best friends with Niall horan since birth, ever since the age 13 she has had the biggest crush on him, but never spoke a word about it. He does. Niall reveals his love for her and she is in a daze an could never be happier, she forgets about the reality in life, Niall won't be on break for forever, only this summer. So join Niall, Danielle and the boys on this journey of love, hatred and many more yet to come.

• Summer Love •


10. Movies

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This Chapter Is Not that dirty, but there is a little dirty part, (not detailed.)

Danielle's POV • hv

“Bye Justin!” I shouted and closed the door. That was a long night.

I walked over to the kitchen and sat in a stool, “Hey, wanna go to the movies tomorrow guys?” Niall asked, “That sounds fun!” Dan said, “Yeah! I wanna go watch MaMa.” Destiny said, “But that's a scary movie..” Louis said, “You've got me Lou.” She winked, he blushed and grabbed her around the waist. “Okay, we'll leave at 12 tomorrow. Um, where's Jade and Harry?” Zayn asked, we looked and turned to see a couple making out over the dining room table. We all looked at each other and are eyes grew big as Harry grabbed her and put her on the couch. “Awkward.” Liam said. We all laughed, “I'm gonna head to bed, Long and busy day tomorrow.” Zayn said we nodded, everyone else said they were going to bed so me and Niall decided to go to sleep to.


Nialls POV •

“GET UP!” I heard a shout from the hallways. I sighed and covered my face with my pillow. “Niall,” Danielle whispered, “Niall, babe.” She whispered again, “What?” “Get up, it's 11.” “Oh Crap!” I shouted and shot out of bed and got my pants on. She laughed at me and got up and walked over to my side and kissed me with her soft lips.

Danielle's POV •

I kissed him and pulled back, I smiled and he blushed running his hand through his hair. I walked over to my closet and went through my clothes picking out some skinnys and a light pink sweater, I through my hair in a messy bun and applied a very thin line of eyeliner on along with some mascara and foundation. I slipped on my white Supras and walked out of the bathroom. “I thought you were gonna sleep in your room last night?” I laughed, “I got scared?” He winked and laughed. We walked downstairs and into the kitchen, I made a bagel quickly and ate it with some cream cheese. The rest of the gang walked downstairs hand in hand with there girlfriends, seems like everyone is in love! I kissed Niall on the cheek and we all walked out of the house and got into the van. “So were gonna watch MaMa?” Jade asked, we nodded. “I'm scared.” Harry said. “Me to!” Louis shouted and gripped on to destiny.
#Middle Of Movie#
I saw Destiny and Louis get up and leave, Lou looked like he was about to cry, which made me giggle, but I felt bad to.

Louis POV •
That movie was.. Messed up, gross, nasty, everything. Thank god I had Destiny with me, she thought the same thing. I grabbed her hand and walked out of the movies, we just walked outside and sat in the van. “It's boring in here..” I said and looked at her. “It is.” She said. I bit my lip slightly and kissed her passionately. It turned into a French kiss but with passion. She pull down my suspenders and pulled up and off my shirt went.

Danielle's POV •
This movie was weird. Kinda scary, but weird. The credits scrolled down the screen and we began to walk out. I wonder were Destiny and Louis went.
We reached the cans and through are garbage away. I grabbed Nialls hand and swung it back and fourth, we walked out of the Cinema and a cold wind hit me. I saw the van light on and some shadow moving. I hope this is not what I think it is.
We got up to the van and the shadows stopped. We opened the doors revealing Louis and Destiny. Louis was in his shirt and boxers, Destiny was in her tank top and shorts, and she had love bites on her neck trailing to a place I don't want to say. “We were just playing dress up and didn't get fully dressed before you guys got out..” Louis lied. Destiny was blushing big time along with louis. They continued to put there clothes on and buckled in. “It smells like hardcore sex in here guys..” Zayn laughed, so did Liam. They ignored us and we just drove off. This is another awkward moment.

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