Summer Love (Niall Horan Love Story)

Danielle Holmes, a 19 year old girl, best friends with Niall horan since birth, ever since the age 13 she has had the biggest crush on him, but never spoke a word about it. He does. Niall reveals his love for her and she is in a daze an could never be happier, she forgets about the reality in life, Niall won't be on break for forever, only this summer. So join Niall, Danielle and the boys on this journey of love, hatred and many more yet to come.

• Summer Love •


6. I'm Here, For You

I was waiting in the backstage of an interview with the boys, I was texting my friend when I got a call, unknown number. I answered it anyway,
"Hello?" I said,
"Is this Danielle Holmes?" He asked in a deep dark voice.
"Umm, yes.. This is?" I asked.
"This is Bryan Walter." He said, my heart stopped.
"How, what, I'm going to call the cops."
"Wait, Baby, don't." He said.
"I'm not your baby." I said and hung up. How in the world did he get my number!? Bryan is my ex, he only wanted me for sex, and to make him feel good, I can't believe I ever dated him. Well, so on, he was growing up and got feisty, and touchy during our relationship and would touch me when it was unwanted. I called the police when I was almost naked because he was going to you know, rape me, and they came just in time, he was in jail for a year, and I got a restraining order. He was the worst boyfriend ever. Period.

I saw the boys had finished, and they walked back, I hugged them and kissed Niall, I tried to put in a smile but I guess it didn't work. "What's wrong, Babe?" Niall asked, "Nothing, what do you mean? Heh," I said, "Danielle. I'm not stupid, I've known you for 19 years." He said crossing his arms, "fine. Well, you know Bryan? My ex?" He nodded, "he was a dueche, keep talking" he said, I laughed a bit, "Well, he called me earlier, and I think he's out of jail.." I said. "Well, you've got nothing to worry about, if something does ever happen, just know that I'll be there as a best friend and a boyfriend. I love you." He said and hugged me and kissed my cheek. "Thank you so much Niall, you are the best." I smiled and looked over to see the boys pouting, "and you guys!!" I shouted and hugged them. They laughed and we all left into the van.

"Do you guys wanna go out to eat?" Niall Asked, I nodded along with the boys. We headed to an Italian restaurant down the street from my flat, we go out of the car and the paparazzi has found us, "just ignore them." Zayn said and lead us inside. I grabbed Nialls hand, "How many?" The waitress asked, "6." Niall smiled. She showed us to our seats and ordered our drinks, "So, I was thinking maybe we could head to our holiday house for the rest of the summer?" Niall said, "that would be awesome!" Louis said, "yeah! We should totally do it!" Zayn said, Liam nodded, "Yeah, I've never been, but it sounds fun!" I said.
"How about we leave tomorrow evening?" Niall asked, "sounds good." We all said and nodded as the waitress came up to us, "here's your drinks, an are you guys ready to order?" She asked and we nodded and ordered our food, I'm pretty sure Niall ordered everything off the menu, so there might not even be room on the table!
I sighed and leaned back on my chair, I opened my phone and checked my twitter, an made a tweet: "With Niall and the boys for dinner, great night! Tomorrow going somewhere fun for the summer! Woohoo! @Niall_official @Real_Liam_Payne @Zayn_malik @Louis_tominson @Harry_styles" I hit the send button an looked at my mentions, nothing more than hate, but one tweet. "@AprilSillystring1 @Danielle_1Holmes your beautiful, u & Niall are so cute together and I <3 u guys, ignore the hate beautiful, it's all lies :)" I smiled as I read it and tweeted back, "@Aprilsillystring1 thank you so much darling, you made my day, it means a lot! I've been going through some stress and you brightend my day! Thank you!" I tweeted back, she was very kind. I looked up to the boys and saw them staring at me giving me weird looks. "What?" I asked. "That was so funny! The whole time you were typing you had the biggest and weirdest smile!" Liam laughed, "thanks guys." I sarcastically laughed. "Here you go guys, oh and sir, your food will be here in a minute, it's taking a bit cooking all of it." She said to Niall and the five I us laughed. "Okay, thanks." He said, "it's not problem." He said flirting, and walked off giving him a wink. "I hope she knows I have my one and only." He said and grabbed my hand. I blushed and covered my cheeks. "Awe! Look who's blushing!" Louis said and the boys all laughed. They calmed down as she came back with Nialls food, he grabbed my hand again and through our hands connected on the counter and he kissed my cheek, "oh! Thank you!" He said to who and walked off.
We walked out of the restaurant and got into the van. I sat in the back with Niall as everyone else sat in the front, I sat my head in the crook of his neck as he sat his on top. He traced shapes into my hand that was sat on his knee. "I love you." His whispered, "I love you to Niall." I whispered back and grabbed his cheeks and crashed my lips apon his. We soon pulled up to the house and walked in with our hands intertwined, we packed out clothes that night for the holiday house tomorrow evening, I changed into my boy shorts and a green tank top and hopped in bed, Niall came in and snuggled with me and we soon fell into a deep sleep.
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