Here Comes Trouble

Jammie was the "bad-girl" type girl. Everyone hates her but most of them secretly love her. She's the queen of the school. Everyone listens to her because they're afraid of her. She's been in trouble more than 50 times and has been taken to jail 15 or more times, who wouldn't be scared? One day, a new kid from England comes to school. Harry Styles was his name. He was the same type of guy. They both act as if they hate each other but deep inside they know they have strong feelings for each other.


5. Fighting Leads To Kissing? - Chapter 4

After having a huge lecture from the principal about being late for school, Zayn darted for class, leaving me and Harry alone to walk to our classes. I didn't even look at him. He disgusts me. 

"This is actually your fault that we were late, you know?" he mutters, poking my arm. "You did this."

"How the fuck did I do this? You guys took forever to get to my house and took forever to drive here! I wasn't driving! Zayn was. You were in the car so I blame you also."

"Why do you hate me so much? What did I ever do to you?" I heard him whisper. 

"You talked back to me and called me a bitch the first time we met, that's why," I told him in a low voice. 

"It's because you were acting like a total bitch!" he shouts as he stops walking.

I scoffed, stopped walking in front of him, and crossed my arms. "It's because I'm the queen of this school, Styles. I have to keep that reputation, so I can't be nice to you."

"Why do you care what people think? I used to be that way when I started school here. I changed because I realized that people only hate me if I act that way."

"Because when I was in Elementary, people bullied me. So, now I force people to do what I want because it's the easiest way for me to take out my anger, alright?" I start tearing up. "I told you the fucking truth."

"You shouldn't do that, Jammie," he said. I looked at him strangely. He used my actual name this time. "I'm sorry for being a dick."

"Apology not accepted."

"What? Why not, bitch?" he shouts at me. 

I stamp my foot. "Cause I know it's fake!" 

All of a sudden, I feel strong hands forcing me to go backward and hit the locker behind me. I groan in pain and look in front of me. "What the fuck, Styles!"

"Stop it," he mutters, his hot breath hitting my face. When I stop wiggling around, he sighs. "It's not fake. I promise."

I start breathing heavily as I look down at his lips. I want to kiss him but I'm suppose to hate him, not love him. But before I can slip through his strong grip, he leans down to me and press his soft, pink lips to mine. I stop moving, surprised that he kissed me. I eventually kiss back, wrapping my arms around his neck. What am I doing? I quickly pull away and start moving again. I still can't move!

"Stop it, Jammie," he whispers. I stop what I'm doing and look up at his eyes. "I love you. I always have, I swear. Give me a chance. I'm sorry for being the dick head I was. Just give me one chance and if I fuck up, you can say that you were right and never talk to me again. Deal?"

I bite down on my lower lip. Should I say yes? That might ruin my reputation. Oh, fuck it. "Deal," I say before leaning up to him and pressing my lips on his. 

(A/N; So it seems that they're finally together? Yay! Haha. I hope that you liked this. ~LetMeKissYou)



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