Here Comes Trouble

Jammie was the "bad-girl" type girl. Everyone hates her but most of them secretly love her. She's the queen of the school. Everyone listens to her because they're afraid of her. She's been in trouble more than 50 times and has been taken to jail 15 or more times, who wouldn't be scared? One day, a new kid from England comes to school. Harry Styles was his name. He was the same type of guy. They both act as if they hate each other but deep inside they know they have strong feelings for each other.


1. Sneak Peek..

Harry steps into the school, looking around. It's his first day and he's going to try to be the "king of the school". He's done it with many other schools so he knows how to. As he starts walking, a girl with blonde and pink hair walks in front of her. "Uh, can you move, bitch?"

The hallways became quiet with a few gasps here and there. People were whispering things like, "He didn't just say that." "Did he seriously call her that?" "He's in some serious trouble." The girl in front of him looked him up and down before speaking. "So, you're the new kid, eh? A little tough for a boy who looks like a softy, aren't you?"

"Yeah, whatever. Now, can you get out of my way, I don't think I need a dumb blonde telling me where to go cause I already know where to go," he says, trying to push her out of the way. It was no use since she just stood back in his way.

"Listen, kid, this is my school, so you can't talk to me that way. If your planning to act this way toward me, I can get this whole school to hate you like that," she snaps her fingers at the end of the sentence. 

"Oh, and is that suppose to scare me?" Harry asks, giving her a "tell me more" kind of face. 

"Yes, actually. You're a tough one, Curly. I don't like it. More competition for me, I guess," she gets a little closer to his face. "Let's see who wins the crown."

Harry looks down at her lips, bites his own, snaps out of it quickly, and looks back up at her eyes. "Challenge accepted, bitch."

"Don't call me that!" she shouts as she back away from him. "I'm Jammie, for your information."

"Harry Styles," he says, pointing at himself. "Now, I'm going to get away from you because I don't like hearing your voice, alright?" 

Right as he begins walking away, he hears Jammie stamping her foot on the floor. "I hate you, Styles!" she shouts. Harry just chuckles and looks behind him. "Hate you too, bitch." 

End Of Sneak Peek..

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