Do I really know him?????

Ariana has a perfect life a girl could wish for. She has a cute boyfriend( Harry) and has a spotlight of being an actor. But when Harry starts acting weird, she soon finds out that Harry is cheating on her. Now things will never be the same. Does she really know him.
Thanks to all my ppl. I love doing this. Hope you guys enjoy. Sorry if it sucks. I tried my best.


4. What do I do

I woke up the next morning early. For some reason I was anger. That's when it all flashed me what had happen. " I need proof , I told my self softly. They were all sleeping so it would be a perfect time. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't help myself. I needed to know if my true love was cheating on me so I had checked his phone. I had enough evidence right there. I had read a text that said," hey babe r we still up for our dinner date". Who was that from, a slut bitch. I had to figure out when they were going. How was I gonna do this. I needed a plan. I heard someone get up. I quickly drop his phone on the couch and ran to the kitchen. " Hey what you doing, love, Harry said. Could he really do this to me. Was I dreaming and I would soon wake up to how things use to be. No because his is the real world. Yes this. What was I going to do.
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