Do I really know him?????

Ariana has a perfect life a girl could wish for. She has a cute boyfriend( Harry) and has a spotlight of being an actor. But when Harry starts acting weird, she soon finds out that Harry is cheating on her. Now things will never be the same. Does she really know him.
Thanks to all my ppl. I love doing this. Hope you guys enjoy. Sorry if it sucks. I tried my best.


10. time to explain

" Harry, I said slowly. Then I continued. Harry I know that you are.........cheating on me. Don't act like your not because I know you are. I even saw you and you cant say that it was your friend or a cousin because that's bullshit. I had saw you kiss her. I just can't believe you could do something like that to me. How could you. I put my heart with you and you through it away like it was shit. Like I didn't mean Nothing to you". I took a breath and told him the truth . He looked at me and bit his lip. Then he tried to say something but nothing came out but i continued " It is true I just cant believe you could do this something like this. After all we have been through and you treat me like this. I dont know if i can ever talk to you agian, knowing that you did this to me". He looked into my eyes hurt of what i said but he even hurt me even more. " What is this suppose to mean, that were over"? I took a deep breath agian trying not to lose it it. " What do you think? Do you really believe that i would stay with you after you cheated on me, haahah. Sorry buddy but no so yes that means im through with you". With that said, i walked out of the room and said nothing. I finally did what i had to do and it felt good about it. Goodbye Harry.

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