Do I really know him?????

Ariana has a perfect life a girl could wish for. She has a cute boyfriend( Harry) and has a spotlight of being an actor. But when Harry starts acting weird, she soon finds out that Harry is cheating on her. Now things will never be the same. Does she really know him.
Thanks to all my ppl. I love doing this. Hope you guys enjoy. Sorry if it sucks. I tried my best.


6. How was I gonna tell him

I avoided him the best I could. Whenever he tried to give me a kiss I would look away. I just can't think why he would be cheating on me. I went to my room and stayed in there for a couple hours. I didn't want to get out. I didn't want to see him at all. What was I gonna do? Most important when and how was I gonna tell him. We have to go to a party for my actor job. Maybe I can go alone. No that wouldn't work. He would probably think somethinks up. Maybe I can pretend I'm sick that way I don't to go but then again I have to go this is my only shot. I have to go. Just not with him. I can't stand looking at him. It just wants to make me cry. Who knew that loving someone so much could hurt you when they did something they should of never done. I had heard Harry come down to check on me. Quickly I jumped into bed and pretended I was asleep. He knocked on the door and then opened it. To my surprise he actually thought I was asleep. When he left the room I got up and got my note pad. I had to figure out a plan to tell him and it had to be now.
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