Do I really know him?????

Ariana has a perfect life a girl could wish for. She has a cute boyfriend( Harry) and has a spotlight of being an actor. But when Harry starts acting weird, she soon finds out that Harry is cheating on her. Now things will never be the same. Does she really know him.
Thanks to all my ppl. I love doing this. Hope you guys enjoy. Sorry if it sucks. I tried my best.


9. Getting ready

Me and Sarah had to come up with a plan. It took a long time. Finally we had to put our case on rest. We had the acting job party to go to. Yes, both us. I decide that I didn't want to I with Harry. With all that's been happening with me an him, I just don't want to see him, not at the very moment. We had to get dresses, shoes, get our hair done. There was a lot. The party is important to me and Sarah went to mall, Cherry Top. We looked around and tried on a lot of dresses but none of them were for us. Finally we both found the perfect ones that fited out personality/style. We bought the dress and after that, we got our hair done. I had de curls and was at the side. Sarah got her hair straightened and had it done a really pretty ponytail. When we were all done we went roaming around.
" Harry we need to talk , now", I said slowly. I was really nervous. I didn't know how to tell him. All I knew was there was no turning back. " What is is, love", Harry said not knowing of anything but curious. I grabbed his hand an took him to my room. While I saw on the way, zayn had saw us and yelled out," Go Harry, talking it to the next level". Who knew zayn would say something like that. I mean he was quiet and mysterious. You would never know what he would say, or be thinking. I didn't have time for this. I went straight to the room and locked the door. It was time to explain.
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