Lone Wolf

as a wolf pup kota was seperated from his pack,for scientist to run test on him to see if a medicine worked.then when they thought it did he escaped.he ran through all sorts of terrain,to find his pack.as he did he had to face all of the dangers of the wild,ecspecially the shadowcats.but the only way to his pack is through the shadowcat territory.will kota make it or will he suffer in the wilderness of Alaska?


2. Shadowcats

"Kota,now that your old enough,or not as young that you would never leave the cave again,I want to tell you about the shadowcats,"said daddy."when the pack was first getting started,there was a leader named heep." "We'll you see Heep was a very good leader and always treated the pack fairly,and so one day the pack was trying to find new territory,"."then Heep led the pack through a ledge that was very quiet,but little did Heep know what was waiting for the pack at the middle of the valley." "So when the pack was about through the middle of the valley,they heard a crack and then the fight began!!" "It was terrible,the cats were swift and they were jumping on and killing every wolf they could,from leaders to pups," "And then as one little pup was trying to find his mom,who had made it safely to the other side,bumped into a cat,the cat chased and chased that little pup and as the fight was nearly over,the pup turned around and bit the shadowcat in the life pumping vein."then dad went on about blah blah Heep this Heep that.But I heard him say"as the dust cleared,you could see how intense the battle was, there were cat and wolf carcasses all over".this made me want to puke."then we saw the pup walk up,and he took 2steps and howled victory." "Some others didn't come back,and were killed,this included,Heep."
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