Protection Plan (Opposites attract) Back In Action

Call me Kelly , I'm one direction worst nightmare. Secretive working undercover and she just might kill you or herself . If you know one direction I'm their opposite , but my saying is Opposites attract ...


4. Chapter 3


(In the previous chapter)

I nod walking to my room without being noticed.

I look up to see a curly haired boy looking at my things ." What do you think you're doing?" I yell making him jump. I will be even more satisfied when I beat the living crap out of him for snooping.


He looks straight to me. I walk over to him growling as I reach him I pick him up by the collar. "You better give me a good fucking reason to why you're in my damn room!" I spit looking him directly in the eye. He just looked at me smirking. I'm going to wipe that smirk off his face. "You should wear these." He raises up my red lingerie. "You pervert." I say before my fist connects with his jaw. My brother burst through the room. "Whats wro-fuck, Kelly we need to protect him, not kill him. I scoff crossing my arms."This prick looked through my belongings in my room." I glare. He sighs looking at the curly freak. "Please, get out of her room before I beat you." He swings his hands to door looking at curly fry over here. I scoff watching the boy shuffle out of my room. "Oh, so now we're playing good cop, bad cop?" I glare, crossing my hands over my chest. "Kelly we have no time to just punch up pricks. Especially, ones that pay us money." Jack glares. "Really?" I raise an eyebrow to show my confusion as to how stupid my brother is being.

"The university down the street was known to have gangs we need to get them off the street." Jack directs through my window. "Wait, we have to go on another mission?" I uncross my arms sitting down on my bed. "I know I don't like it either, but if there is any lead we can get it's with these gangs." "So what your saying is we go undercover risking the chance of loosing these idiots." "That's the thing you need to go undercover, but by yourself." I put my face in my hands. "Kelly you need to become a college nobody."

"I much rather prefer being the college slut." I mumble into my hands. "We can't risk you being noticed." Jack argued. "I need to be noticed. If anything I need to get the gangs attention so I can get easy access to them!" I yell at Jack trying to get him to realize. I. Am. Right. 

"Fine. Get ready for college." Jack groans leaving my room. I put on a satisfied smirk scanning my room for objects lying about. My eyes land on the red lingerie. "Thank you Curly." I pipe up grabbing the objects undressing.  

Her Outfit:

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