Protection Plan (Opposites attract) Back In Action

Call me Kelly , I'm one direction worst nightmare. Secretive working undercover and she just might kill you or herself . If you know one direction I'm their opposite , but my saying is Opposites attract ...


3. Chapter 2


The band files there way through the door. As I slam it shut it behind me. They jump signaling how startled they were. "Sis." My brother said sternly making me smirk."Don't look at me they should be well aware of their surroundings." I shrug walking in front of the startled boys." I quickly show them to their rooms. I made sure that there rooms weren't to far away from me and my brothers room." Whats the big door for"? The blonde asks signaling to my room."Nothing of your concern boys, can you get ready for dinner?" My brother says quicker than me. "Sure." They all say making it sound muffled.


It was quiet except for the clinking of knives and forks against the plate. The silence was unbearable, somebody needs to at least cough and the silence could be broken. I guess that didn't need to happen since of the band members spoke up. "So are there places we cant go or tour?" One of the boys said sounding almost disturbed.

I raise my eyebrow staring at him."You think we're hiding something?" I ask at the boy who had spoken and his eyes look away from mine. I sigh glancing at my brother. "I know it's hard to be in this kind of situation, but we are here to help you not to dig your hole deeper." I reassure them. The rest of dinner was a comfortable silence except the weird feeling of being stared at.

They say there 'thank you's' and set off to sleep. I look at my brother and smile. I dance a weird dance and look at my brother funny. He shakes his head chuckling. I head off to bed and sleep with my music on low. I couldn't go to sleep without music. ACDC and MCR were my favorites including The Beatles.

The morning was the most horrifying as always. Getting the boys up was like pushing over a pig. They would groan, slap, and kick. One even tried to pull me in with him. That I admit wasn't so bad. I had to tell the Chef we needed extra food because the first boy I woke up ate most of it.

They were like children, terrible whiney children. Lord help me. I was supposed to stay and protect the children while my brother filed out the money part of our sheet. I thought this would go smooth I could get them helping me with my boxing and me helping them. Some of them actually agreed to go up against me but others like Liam 'bag boy' said they wouldn't want to hurt me. First, was the brown eyed boy with a ramp on his head.

We go in circles before he steps up and tries to throw a punch. I get him in the gut, He groans but regains himself. He looked dangerous now, I think I angered him. I laugh out loud at his ability to let his emotions take over. He swings again and I trip him, he stumbles as some of the boys snicker. He tries to stand up, but I kick the back of his legs making him fall. He then hops up and we go around in another circle.

"Don't go easy on me now." I say trying to throw a punch he blocks it getting me in the gut. I smirk at his agility. I throw a punch to make him react he does and I quickly connect my fist to his jaw.He falls on the ground and the boys look at me wide eyed. "Let me help you." I take his face in my hands smiling nicely. " You okay?" I laugh helping him sit down." Yeah not to bad, the punch didn't give me more than a minor injury." He smiles. "I'm sorry I shouldn't have asked for you to box with me" I lie through my teeth. Anytime I can take a guys masculinity from him and beat him with it satisfies me. "Its fine Kelly, I'm just gonna go to the pool. I nod walking to my room without being noticed.

I look up to see a curly haired boy looking at my things."What do you think you're doing?"I yell making him jump. I will be even more satisfied when I beat the living crap out of him for snooping.

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