Protection Plan (Opposites attract) Back In Action

Call me Kelly , I'm one direction worst nightmare. Secretive working undercover and she just might kill you or herself . If you know one direction I'm their opposite , but my saying is Opposites attract ...


1. Chapter 1


Sweat found it's way down my face ,anger surging through my bones.Why the fuck did he have to make this so damn hard for us! I could of let this go easily he just needed to stay put. My fist tightened around the silent pistol in my hand. He is lucky I'm saving his ass from pure hell.Through the heated crowd I went up to him grabbing his wrist tight. He outnumbered me in strength I can tell you that, but when it comes to skill he is still useless. He pulls away when I grab his wrist once again.I drag him into the empty room away from the busting bodies in the living room."I told you to leave me alone" he said looking at me with anger. "Be quiet styles I don't want to hear your shit!" I state. "Get out of my house," he says softer this time. "I told you to stay put." I pressed on the subject a little longer."Why do I have to listen to you."he argues. "Because now he's here." I say looking out the window. "Who's here?"



I press my palm against the dummy taking long and deep breaths. "Don't stop, keep punching!" My brother yells at me and I listen to him. I punch the dummy over and over again, my breathing erratic. "Now rest." He states walking out of the room.

I'm Jewel Kelly, I'm most known as Kelly. I work with my brother we protect special people. We name ourselves the PLU, Protection League Unit, we are like badass cops we deal with druggies, gangs, and more. We are training to guard a certain popular group, One Direction. This is no fan girl bullshit or we would tell them to fuck off, this is a kidnap, a gang kidnap. For months a gang has stalked one of the members of One Direction. A gang that we have been after for centuries. 

I walk out of the gym through the glass doors. "Jack when are they getting here?" I ask my twin brother. "Should be here in two hours get washed up." He says turning around. "Make sure you cover up " He turns his head toward me smirking. "Fuck you, they may be a band, but who said I was going to show off?" I laugh shaking my head side to side. "Whatever, get ready." He replies ending our conversation and walking away. I walk down the long hallway to an average room. Well, that depends what the average size room for you is.

I open my closet door getting out a pair of black combat boots, black skinny jeans, and an ACDC shirt. I walk to my drawers and get white socks and some black undergarments. I jog into the washroom and set everything on the toilet. I undress hopping in the shower quickly. I wash up and change facing the mirror.It takes me about 35 to 45 minutes to do my makeup. After I am through with getting ready I check the time walking to the front door. 

"Finally, just in time too, the boys are just down the street." My brother smiles at me and I return it. The boys pull up and park their minivan. Very...fancy? "Now that you mention it I think we should have had our guns with us and scare the shit out of them." I mutter devishly. "That wouldn't be needed." I hear a british voice speak. He wasn't addressing to me but to our maid who was getting their bags. "Lora, why don't you go help out in the dining area." I inform her nicely with a smile. I felt like a hole was being burned through the back of my neck. I swiftly turn around to see a boy with curly hair and green eyes look at me."Are you okay curly?" I ask smirking. I set my feet down warningly looking at him intently. "Actually I think I'd need help with my bags." He replies battling my stare and pointed to his bags. I raise my eyebrow amused at how brave he is. "I think you can handle yourself." I stated annoyed at his attitude. "My names Liam." The same boy who addressed Lora to leave his bags speaks up. I like him. "Hmm Good to know I'm Jewel, Jewel Kelly" I smile holding out my hand as a nice gesture. He ignores my hand and hugs me. On second thoughts.


A/N= This should be good enough for now. If you are rereading this story then that should be best. My grammar an punctuation has improved. I hope you like this edited version of Protection Plan. No promises on updating regularly. I chose to spare this story since I deleted the rest of mine. 

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