Stole My Heart

It's about this girl named Lucy that never fit in. She was forced to move due to her parents. Finally she moves in a new town knowing they will be there awhile. She ends up finding some very special people that impact her heart. One impaticular. . . .


4. YESS!

                                                        Ambers POV

No way! This is amazing. My swim suit fitted perfectly! I decided to go get a tan. I walked outside and forgot about sunscreen. I thought we didnt have any so i ran up to this little store to buy some. I put on some short shorts and a blue cover up that stopped at the end of my ribs. Showing some tummy. I was waling to the store when i closed my eyes humming a song and BAM! I ran into someone! Way to go Amber! "Im Soooooo Sorry!" I felt awful. I looked up to see a real cutie. "It alright babe" He said smiling and blushing a little. His hand was in his hair and he had a cheeky smile on. I bet i looked like an idiot! "I really am!" I apologized again. Did i sound Ignorant? Yes! Ughhh.

"Hey dont worry about it." He said with a wonderful smile. Then I looked down smiling and blushing at my feet. "So whats your name?" He asked. "Amber. Amber Lee. Whats yours?" I was smiling like crazy because I was talking to a guy! That was hott! I was making friends! "Louis. Louis Tomlinson." "Oh well nice to meet you."I said cheekly. He chuckled and said "Pleasures mine." It was time to make my move! "So do you wanna hang out? I know we just met bu-" He stopped me and said "Id love to." I must have looked wierd because i was smiling like CRAZY! "Ok! My place?" "Sure! But i have a question. Would ou mind if i brought my 4 lads?" "Oh. Of course! Id love if they come." "Great il go get them and be there in a minute. Can I have your number?" I felt my face get red. "Oh of course here!" We switched numbers and walked off. I MADE A FRIEND! HOPEFULLY 5! WOOOOOTTTTT!!!!.

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