Stole My Heart

It's about this girl named Lucy that never fit in. She was forced to move due to her parents. Finally she moves in a new town knowing they will be there awhile. She ends up finding some very special people that impact her heart. One impaticular. . . .


2. On the way

UGH! I cant believe where moving... AGAIN! Well i guess it doesnt matter to much. I dont have many friends here. I feel like I dont really fit in anywhere we go. No i have to think positive! Im going to find my group somewhere, someday. You know what . . . Im glad where moving out of this dump! As i was packing my stuff I was singing a song i couldnt think of the name of. I just knew it from my old friend. She use to sing it all the time! It was pretty annoying but the song was good.

                "Baby you lit up my world like nobody else, The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelemed but when you smile at the ground it aint hard to te"

"Hey sweetie! Are you packed!" My mom yelled interrupting my preformance."Yes mom! Why?" I was a little confused. "Well baby. . . . Where leaving now." WHAT!?!?!?! NOW! "WHAT!" "I said where leaving now!" I was very shocked. My mom told me we were moving on the day we had to leave. Well at least we didnt have alot of stuff. "Alright.." I sighed.

We put all our iteams in my mums car and we were off.

Once we got on the plane i put on my headphones to listen to music to help calm me down. I didnt relize how tired i was and bam.... I was asleep.

                                                     Cristys POV

Amber reacted a bit harsh on the moving. Poor baby girl. I wish we could just find a house we could live happiley in together. She looked so peacful asleep. She is the best daughter in the world. She always tries to help but she just .... cant. Its not my choice we move. Mostly its my works. But this time i Know!! And i mean KNOW where going to stay in Flordia. This is our Home Sweet Home. I just hope she likes it.


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