Stole My Heart

It's about this girl named Lucy that never fit in. She was forced to move due to her parents. Finally she moves in a new town knowing they will be there awhile. She ends up finding some very special people that impact her heart. One impaticular. . . .


6. Getting ready *not the bst chapter i know*

                                      Ambers POV

OMG! IM SO EXCITED! EHHH!!!! Oh wait i have to get ready! "Mom!!" I yelled. No answer. "MOOOOMMM!" I yelled again. Still no answer. Hmm. All the sudden my phone went off. I got a text from my mom saying..... "Hey baby girl! I saw you run into that cute boy on my way out;). Im glad to see your making friends! Hes a real hunk! Anyways i had to go off to a meeting. Ill be back later. I love you! Mom." I laughed and rolled my eyes at my mom. She is crazy. But i love her.

All the sudden.. *Beep...Beeep....Beeeeppp* I got another text. LOUIS! The boys where on there way! Ohhh snap! I better get ready!!


                                                Louis POV

Wow. She is...Wow. She seems really shy but uh i think she will snap out of it once she meets my lads. The way her long brown hair lays on her shoulders so delicately. The perfect waves in her hair. And those eyes.... Wow. I cant wait for my lads to meet her but i hope they dont get to touchy **CoughHarrycough** Shes so sweet. She even invited us to her... OH I almost forgot! Her house!!

                               Liams POV

Me and the lads were chilling watching telly when all the sudden a door slammed open and a yelling person came in saying "GUYS GUYS GUUUUYYYYYYSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! COMMONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!1 BLAHHHHHH!" Niall choked on his food, Zayn hit Harry (because he was startled of course), and Harry fell of the couch taking me with him. "....Louis...." We all sighed and giggled a little. "What are you guys doing!" He said laughing. We rolled our eyes and got up saying "Whats the big fuss!" "Yeah!" Zayn mocked. Louis smiled with great excitment... "weeellll...."






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