Stole My Heart

It's about this girl named Lucy that never fit in. She was forced to move due to her parents. Finally she moves in a new town knowing they will be there awhile. She ends up finding some very special people that impact her heart. One impaticular. . . .


3. A new beginning

"Hello!?!?!" I yelled with tears in panick. I saw a flash. "Who are you!" Another flash. I was on my knees crying in the dark. I was shaking and horrified. "Leave me alone!" I screamed as a dark figure grabbed me. "HELP! Hedjfjdfdjk" He covered my mouth and tears where streaming down my face. All the sudden i blacked out. But i heard 5 boys talking and relizing me there. And thats when i heard "Amber! Amber honey wake up!" I woke with tears on my face. "Sweetie are you ok?" I looked at my mom and said "Yes im fine." "Ok well Where hereeee!!!!" I could tell she was happy so i faked being happy to. "Woohhooo!" I didnt want to get her down anyways. What good would it do. And plus i was kinda excited. I needed a tan and the ocean was near our house. Well at least thats what my mom said. We got in the car to start heading to our new home. We stopped infront of a very expensive looking pent house. It had a pool and everything!"Mom we might as well get to the house." She winked at me and said "Where at our house." I awed in amazment. "Butt......but...." I was speechless. "Common." We walked inside the huge house and i was just.....stunned. "Come here. I wanna show you youre room!" I smiled and ran upstairs to come to a beautiful master bedroom. It had a hue window with tan curtains and a cal tan paint. The bed was like a king XXLL! To me of course. I can over react at times;). It was covered in tan and brown covers with big fluffy pillows. I ran up and jumped on it. I have never been so excited!

"Wow mom i love it! Its abso.....Is that a!!!" I turned and saw the best of it all. "A WALK IN CLOSET!! And my own 'Master Bathroom'!!!!" Shesh! What was not to love. But it got better. I opened my curtains to see a big pool with a diving bored and near it a lazy river. I awed again. "No. Way." "Why dont you get in it" My mom said with a cheeky smile. Something was gonna happen. "I would but i dont have a bathing suit." "Hm. To bad hu?" she winked at me and walked into my new closet and came out with a black and white polka dotted bikini. "Aww thanks mom! Its so cute!" "Your welcome sweetie :) Now go on. Do whatever you want. You have your phone. Just call me" "OK!!" I squealed and hugged my mom "Thank you thank you thank you!" "Your wecome now run off." She said smililing. And i was gone.

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