Stole My Heart

It's about this girl named Lucy that never fit in. She was forced to move due to her parents. Finally she moves in a new town knowing they will be there awhile. She ends up finding some very special people that impact her heart. One impaticular. . . .


8. <3

                          Louis POV

We knocked on the door and secounds later a beautiful brown haired girl answered the door. Amber. She looked AMAZING! I think the boys were speechless. Haha. II decided to break the ice. I ran up to her and hugged her "Amberr!!" I screamed happily. "Louie!!" She said laughing a little. Her hugs are amazing. Heck. Shes amazing.

                     Harrys POV

:O Shes ...... Shes......

              Liams POV

:O wow

                   Zayns  POV

:O Shes everything he explained her to be.

                   Nialls POV

:O Someone pinch me

           Ambers POV

We all went out back where our big pool and my little party was setup. I had a boombox, some drinks with umbrellas, some floats, and snacks. The boys looked impressed. I felt boss. We all sat down, grabbed a drink, and talked. "So Amber..." The curly haired boy started to say *Iforgot his name* When i went "Wait. How do you know my name?" I asked a little confuzled. "Well lover boy here wouldnt stop talking about you on the way here!" The blonde head one explained while looking over at Louis who was blushing. I was to. "Ohh. Ok. Go on." I explained a little shyly. "What school do you go to." Uh oh. I dont know! Not yet at least. "Umm you know. The uh..." Louis obviously knew i just moved here and helped me. "Shes going to ours now. She just moved here." He gave me a reasuring smile. "Yeah!" I replied. "Oh cool!" "Yup.." I replied awkwardly.

                    Louis POV

had an idea. >:) I walked over to the pool and screamed "OH MY GOD! AMBER! GUYS! COME QUICK!" Hazza knew what i was doing and joined. "OH MY GOD COME HERE!" They came over in a hurry and me and Hazza exchanged evil looks and SPLAH! We pushed them all in the pool. We laughed and brofisted. We heard Amber shreak "Ahhh! Guys.. Really." she tried to look seriouse but she smiled and rolled her eyes.

"Can you atleast help me up you to?" Me and Hazza shrugged our shoulders and said "I guess." She reached for our hand and we relized our mistake when the boys grabbed our arms and they pulled us in. We sat there laughing. We all got our drinks and hung out by the pool. I wanted to stay there forever. It. Was. Perfect.

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