i fell in love with a criminal

Sophie just started her senior year on high school a long way from home. She was an exchange student from Norway who moved in to her host family's house in North Denver, Colorado. What she doesn't know is that her supposedly great senior year turns into a whole lot of trouble, gang fights and most of all fear and love, when she meets North Denver High School's most feared boy, Justin Bieber.


7. Who's Donovan?

I heard a small voice still coming from his phone. "Justin! Justin! Stop!" That was all I could hear. There were no other people in the classroom so I gently and slowly picked up his phone from the desk beside me and rested it against my right ear. "Hello?" The man on the other line was still shouting Justin's name but when he heard my shaky little voice he stopped immediately and was probably confused by the sound of a girls voice talking back to him. 

"Who is this? And where is Justin?" The man's voice was low and sharp like a knife but there was a little bit of decency in it as well. "This is Sophie.. Uh.. I'm in his class. He ran out the door and left his phone.. I don't know where he went though.." My voice was now more whispery and shaky then I had ever heard it. A sigh came from the other end of the phone and he cursed a few times before he spoke again. "Do you know his friends?" I was just about to say no but then I remembered he was actually friends with my brother and those other guys I had met earlier today outside of the school. "Yeah, he's friends with my brother i think. Why?" The class was slowly filling up with people and soon the teacher was coming. "Text your brother right away! Just say to him that Justin left to go after Donovan. Bye."

The man on the other line of the phone hung up and he sounded pretty annoyed and.. scared? I did what I was told, because.. well I don't really know why I bothered, but I did. I put Justin's phone in my pocket and pulled out mine to send a text to Derek. 

To: Derek Carter
From: Sophie Carter

This guy I spoke with on Justin's phone(i'll explain later) said to tell to that Justin has gone to go after some guy named Donovan i think. 

Only seconds later I got an answer from him.o

To: Sophie Carter
From: Derek Carter

WHAT? Who did you speek with? And why the hell is he going after Donovan again? What happened? And are you involved in any of this? Where are you?

Wow.. This must really be something serious, my brother was flipping out.. in a text message. I started typing and wrote him back before the teacher was here again.

To: Derek Carter
From: Sophie Carter

I don't know who i spoke with, don't know why he's going after some Donovan guy, don't know what happened, i'm not involved and i'm in my photography class right now. I have to put away my phone now, but I'll talk to you at home.

I didn't get an answer but it was killing me not knowing what all this was about. The teacher started yelling names to see who was here and who wasn't. When he came to Justin there was no answer, of course. "He.. uh.. He got sick, i think.." The teacher rolled his eyes and gave me a yeah-right-look, obviously not believing me. 

Justin hadn't come back all day and I still had his phone. I walked outside the school after putting my books in the locker and then I started looking for Derek who was gonna drive me home. I didn't see any sign of him or his friends so I started just walking home. After walking for five minutes I suddenly heard a big noise coming from some sort of an alley. I stopped and walked slowly and quietly towards the alley and leaned against the wall so I could see what was going on without the people in there seeing me. 

"What the hell were you thinking going after Donovan, Bieber?!" I knew that voice, and I knew those clothes. I took my glasses up from my bag because my sight wasn't very much to brag about. I put them on and looked up at the two guys standing there. Derek and Justin..? 

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