i fell in love with a criminal

Sophie just started her senior year on high school a long way from home. She was an exchange student from Norway who moved in to her host family's house in North Denver, Colorado. What she doesn't know is that her supposedly great senior year turns into a whole lot of trouble, gang fights and most of all fear and love, when she meets North Denver High School's most feared boy, Justin Bieber.


5. The girls

"Can I sit here, please?" I asked him, but he wasn't really listening, instead he scanned me with his eyes for about what seemed like an hour before he answered my question.
"Sure." His eyes had darkened and I for once started to feel very nervous in his company. I could feel his eyes looking at me, and it was distracting me from trying to hear everything the teacher was saying. I tried looking back at him, but when our eyes almost found each other, he looked away.

"What's your name?" I asked still looking right in front of me, full aware of that he was still starring at me. I think I surprised him with the question because he instantly took his eyes off of me and his hand went slowly through his light brown hair.
"Uh, Justin. Justin Bieber." He was looking at me again and I turned around to face him, but only this time our eyes finally met and I think I actually gasped. His eyes were really beautiful and mysterious, they were so much closer to me now than when we were outside, and they were practically sparkling.

I examined him with my eyes, he was much cuter when I finally got a good look at him. His plump lips, his hazel eyes, the way his hair was messed around on his head and his strong, yet soft, jawline. It was that kind of a guy you just now has a girlfriend because he's so much more handsome than any other guy. It was like he was from another planet, because his eyes screamed of mystery and darkness.

"And you're Sophie, right? The new girl?" I nodded and felt myself blushing under his glare. He grinned at me and gave me a small head movement, like half a nod, before his eyes went forward towards the teacher again. After the teacher was finished talking about the new year and just lots of school talk, the bell rang and everyone stormed out of the classroom. I was just on my way to my locker when I felt someone poking my shoulder. I turned around and saw the two girls, Sabrina and Kate, look at me from my head to my toes with a creepy smile on their lips.
"New girl?" I nodded and tried reaching out a hand to introduce myself, but they just stared at it with disgust like it was some kind of an animal or something. 

"I'm Sabrina, and this is Kate. I saw you hanging out with the boys earlier, what's up with that?" I frowned at them and wondered why they wanted to know. And then I realized that they were probably the 'Queen Bee's and ruled the school.
"Well, Derek's my host brother, and he just introduced me to them. Why?" Kate reviled a little gasp but when Sabrina gave her a hard look, she pulled herself together and stared at me with hatred in her eyes.

"They're dangerous, you know. If you want to be popular, like us, don't hang out with them. You're really pretty you know, don't waste that on guys like them, we can fix you up a little bit, your hair, put some more make-up on you, take you shopping, and then you'd be good to go with one of the jocks."
I couldn't help but laugh at her, it was just like in the movies. 'The bitches' thinking that they're all that and trying to get rid of everyone getting in their way, acting like snobs. Apparently, that wasn't such a good idea. To laugh at them I mean. Everyone in the hallway stopped and looked surprised at me for laughing at them.
"Sorry, I just couldn't help it." I said trying to hold back what was left of my outburst.
"I really need to get to class, but I'll see you two around." I took my books for Photography class and then I turned around from the two very surprised girls and walked as fast as I could to my next class.

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