i fell in love with a criminal

Sophie just started her senior year on high school a long way from home. She was an exchange student from Norway who moved in to her host family's house in North Denver, Colorado. What she doesn't know is that her supposedly great senior year turns into a whole lot of trouble, gang fights and most of all fear and love, when she meets North Denver High School's most feared boy, Justin Bieber.


4. The boy

I introduced myself to all of the guys just to get their names, and I only remembered the outstanding onces. Maybe the 'bosses' kind of? I don't know, anyways, the tallest and the most buff one of them was named Scott, the one on the right from him was Joe, and the one on the left was Trevor. They were all very nice and outgoing, except from this one guy who was talking on the phone who I didn't get the name of.

He was cute, in a mysterious way. His eyes were hazel brown and he looked at me once or twice during the five minutes we stood outside the school. Just as he was finished talking in the phone I was about to go say hi to him, but Derek pulled me away.
"Let's go get you checked in and find your locker." I waved to the guys and we started walking down the hallway and up some stairs towards the principals office. Just as we were about to round a corner there were two girls walking by, with a stern look right ahead. I could tell by just their attitude and clothes that they were Sabrina and Kate.
"Sabrina and Kate?" I whispered to Derek who was very caught up in them both and had turned his head while they were walking by. He slowly nodded his head not even paying any attention to what I just said, but I knew that they were the 'bad bitches'.

"Well hello, Sophie. You come all the way from Norway I see. Here's your classes, your locker combination and feel free to ask me anything if you don't understand it." I nodded, got the list and I just spoke a little bit with the principal about the dress code and rules, before med and Derek headed down to our class together. 

As we walked in to the classroom, Derek explained to the teacher that I was new and I gave her a little piece of paper I got from the principal and she turned around and smiled at me.
"Well hello there! Class, if i could have your attention. We have a new student today, her name is..." The teacher looked at the piece of paper I gave her and finally looked up to the class again.

"Sophie Jensen, or Sophie Carter now for a year. She's come all the way from Norway, let's make her feel welcome." The class didn't really give me so much attention, but when she said I was from Norway everybody looked up at me and startet smiling and clapping.
"Miss Carter, why don't you go sit down where there is a free spot?" I nodded and searched the room for an empty seat. I finally got my eyes on one, and it was right next to the boy from outside. The boy I never got the name of, and I could see those hazel eyes following me as I approached the spot right next to him.

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