i fell in love with a criminal

Sophie just started her senior year on high school a long way from home. She was an exchange student from Norway who moved in to her host family's house in North Denver, Colorado. What she doesn't know is that her supposedly great senior year turns into a whole lot of trouble, gang fights and most of all fear and love, when she meets North Denver High School's most feared boy, Justin Bieber.


3. North Denver High School

"Sophie, are you ready?" I heard a knock on my door and I put on my shoes as I replied to Derek that I was coming right away. Today was the day I was starting High School in America. I was so exited for the classes and the people, everyone says that people from America are so welcoming and likes to give compliments, so I wasn't a tiny bit nervous for my first day.

"North Denver High School baby. You ready to meet some new people?" Derek said while we drove out of the driveway.
"Yes! I'm so exited right now. But, would you give me a heads up who not to hang out with and that stuff? You said there was - and i quote - some 'bad bitches' i should be aware of." We started laughing about my use of words, because I really never do swear and such things. He nodded and started thinking a little bit before he opened his mouth.
"Sabrina and Kate, they're the worst. Just don't mingle with them, and you'll be ok. And my friends, they're not so good either, but I've got your back if there should be any problems with them. Just ask me if you're in doubt of anyone and I'll give you a heads up if they're bad news." I nodded and 5 minutes later we were at the school.

"Come on, I want you to meet my friends." Derek was my age, so he was going to some of my classes, but not everyone of them. I had to start somewhere making friends so Derek thought it would be a good idea to start with his friends, after all we were gonna live together for a whole year so I would be seeing them a lot at home when they were hanging out. 

We walked over to a big group of guys, they looked kind of 'bad ass' if you know what I mean, and some of them were smoking and just had kind of a rough style to them. They were a lot like Derek, except they looked much tougher in their style.
"Hey, everyone this is Sophie. Sophie this is everyone." I smiled to the group of guys, some of them smiled back and some of them just gave me a little nod.
"She's new here, so don't scare her off. Plus, she's my 'sister' for a year now, so she's under my supervision." His words were harsh and serious and I couldn't help but feel a bit nervous towards the guys. Was there something going on here that I didn't know about? 

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