i fell in love with a criminal

Sophie just started her senior year on high school a long way from home. She was an exchange student from Norway who moved in to her host family's house in North Denver, Colorado. What she doesn't know is that her supposedly great senior year turns into a whole lot of trouble, gang fights and most of all fear and love, when she meets North Denver High School's most feared boy, Justin Bieber.


2. A new start

I grabbed my luggage once I got out of the plain and excitement started rushing through me as I walked out to the room where people were waiting for their loved once, family or friends. I was finally meeting my host family for the first time. I had spoken with them on the phone and over skype just to get to know each other before I was coming down here, and now I was finally meeting them.

"Sophie 'Carter' Jensen" It said on a poster kind of thing. My host family's name was Carter and mine was Jensen, so they mixed them together as a sign of that I was already a part of the family. I rushed over to the family of three, host mom, host dad and host brother, and then I hugged every single one of them. I was so glad to finally see them and some happy tears ran down my face.

"We're so exited that you're finally here, Sophie!" My host mom, Ella, said to me and gave me yet another hug.
"Are you nervous to start high school?" Derek, my host brother, asked me and looked at me with those cute clear blue eyes.
"I don't know really. I think I'm more exited to just get a new start, my old school wasn't so fun really. There were too many freaks and not a lot of action, haha." Derek laughed and flipped his dark brown hair away from his eyes and looked at me curious.

"What? Do I have anything in my face?" I asked nervously and started feeling my face as if I would find some bread crumbs or something in it. Derek just laughed at me and shook his head.
"No, I was just looking at you. It's true what they say about Scandinavian girls, they're really pretty." He smiled at me and I could feel myself blushing.
"Stop it, I'm blushing.." My entire host family just started laughing and the whole ride to my new home we hit it off really well, I loved my host family. They were so open and funny and just a perfect family. Now I was ready to give myself a fresh new start in a whole other country. I couldn't see anything going wrong with this perfect host family by my side.

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