The life as Tori Payne

Hi. My name is Tori, Tori payne. Yes. I am married to Liam, 1/5 of One Direction. This is my Lifestory and how it all happened.


3. The phone call

Tori's P.O.V.

I got home, and set my keys on the table along with my jacket.

"Hi mom, i'm home!"


I heard the garage door shut.


"Hi honey! What took you so long?"

"Oh nothing. You wouldnt believe me."

"Whatever you say, Tori. Did you go shopping?"

"No, I just went to subway and ran into... someone."

"Is this someone a boy?"

"Times five."

"Five boys?"

"Yes, mom. Five boys."

"Do I know them? Do they go to your school?"

"Holy 20 questions, mom!"

"Sorry hunny I just really wanna know why you were gone that long!"\

"I ran into One Direcion, Are you satisfied now?"

"Whats a One Direction?"

"Uhhhhh mom, are you serious? Bye mom."

"Brush your teeth!!"

"We'll see."

I walked upstairs and played "Lego house" on my Ipod while getting ready for bed. I brushed my teeth, braided my hair, and threw on flannel pj pants followed by an adidas shirt that I appereantly only wear to bed, which makes my mom cranky. 

I pulled out my phone and went on Instagram. I checked my fangirl acount, like usual. I needed to be updated with the band, bt I know more about them right now then most of the other fangirl accounts out there. My phone started to ring "Goofy Goober" The most awesome sponge bob song out there. 


"Hi, love. This is Liam, we met at subway today."

"Oh h-hi Liam!"

"I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me tomorrow night? Just take a walk around london maybe?"

(Oh yes, I lived in London :P)

"Yes!" I answered a bit too quickly.

"Okay thats good to know."

I don know how, but I could hea him smiling through the phone. At least I thought..

"Say love, how about I pick you up around... One-ish?"

"That would be perfect!"


"Oh im so sorry that was my mom I have to go im so sorry!"

"No no thats fine. I'll see you in the morning! Sleep good:)"

"Yeah you too, Bye Liam!"

"Bye, love."

Ahhh!!! He called me love, like three times!!! What am I going to wear? Better call my bestie, Josie tomorrow. But I really need to get some rest because tomorrow is going to be a crazy day.

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