The life as Tori Payne

Hi. My name is Tori, Tori payne. Yes. I am married to Liam, 1/5 of One Direction. This is my Lifestory and how it all happened.


2. Pictures with 1D

Tori's P.O.V.

OMG I CANT BELEIVE I'M GETTING MY PICTURE TAKEN WITH ONE DIRECTION AHHH!!!! "So love, what's your name?" Omg! Liam just called me love! Ahhh!

"Are you ok?"

"Oh yeah, sorry. My name is Tori!"

"Thats a beautiful name, Tori. I like it."



"Thanks:) I'm a huge fan, can you sign my sweatshirt?"

"Yeah!" The boy's all signed my sweatshirt. Luckily it was a new sweatshirt, not like an old one that I would outgrow in the next year.

Harry came up to me and asked me the silliest question that made Liam a little furious, I could tell because of his face expressions.

"So... whats your number?"

"M-my number? You want my number?"

"Yeah, you are a pretty lady, so what is is it?"

"Uhmm... (number here)."

"Ok, can you add it in my contacts list."

Harry gave me his phone and I added my number into it. 

"I'll be sure to call you soon" Harry said with an evil smirk on his face.

Liam walked over to Harry and dragged him to the back.


Liam's P.O.V.

"Harry, what are you dong?!?!"
"What? I think I might like her!"
"You can't like her, I like her!"
"Oh, come on man! What happened to Danielle?

"I don't like her anymore, she broke up with me!"

(A/N) I really do like Danielle, i'm not trying to make fun of her.

"I'm nt going to stop liking her just because you do. That's not how it works."

"Fine then."

I walked back to see all of the boys gone, except for Niall. it looked like Tori was showing him a picture of someone on her phone. 

"Hey what are you guys doing?"
"Oh uhm i'm just uhh showing him pictures? Not of me... of my cousin, to see if he wanted to get together..erm.. with her!

"Oh that's nice. Who is your cousin?"

"Uhm... aaassshl- Niall cut her off.-"Her name is Ashley."

"I bet she is nice. Here, turn around!"

I wrote my number on the back of her sweatshirt, and told her not to look at it till she went home. "I beleive Harry has left, So should we get going,Niall? 

"Yeah sure but first I want to get Ashley's Number from Tori."

"Oh ok i'll be in the car. Bye Tori, see you around!"

"I'll see you again???"
"Yeah, I mean well I put my number on the back of your sweater so.." And with that I walked out with a grin on my face and Tori was flashing her beautiful, white smile at me. I think she's a keeper.



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