The life as Tori Payne

Hi. My name is Tori, Tori payne. Yes. I am married to Liam, 1/5 of One Direction. This is my Lifestory and how it all happened.


1. How it all happened

Hi everyone, I'm Tori. I am married to Liam Payne, one fifth of ONE DIRECTION! This is how we met. 


"Hi, umm i'll have Honey oat six inch please."

"What kind of meat?"

"Tuna, please."


"Double american and cheddar."


"No thank you."

I was at subway, my fav. place to get something to eat. I heard a bell ring from the door when someone walked in. I turned around to see five handsom boys walk in. Hmm. No biggie. I took one better look of them. "OMGEE ONE DIRECTION AHHH!" I tried so hard not to fangirl, but I had to let it all out. I couldnt because they would think im weird.

"Hiii im Tori can I have a picture with you Liam please??" 

"Yes, deffinately!"

"This is sooooo cool! I thought in my mind."

"Can I have a picture with all of you pleease???" 


"I couldnt believe this was happenng. This day was the best day of my life, back then. 

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