Fly With Me

When Sierra stood up for the odd Irish boy in the second grade, she regretted it. And when she took that odd Irish boy home and tried to teach him how to farm, she regretted it. Although one thing she could never regret was the friendship that grew between her and that boy. When Niall Horan decides to go back home to Ireland and leave the life on the farm for a chance of living out his dream, Sierra never thought she'd see him again, and didn't really want to, considering how their goodbyes went. But when Niall and his band mates come to America, Sierra is determined to make him remember what he's missing out on and what he left behind for the super star life three years ago that rainy night in Tennessee. But, Niall won't remember anything bout her.. 'super stars' don't exactly remember anything they don't want to though.. Right?


1. Summer Sky

I sit on a chair in the porch. The sun beating down like streaks of lightning.. Super hot here in Nashville, Tennessee. I take my hat off and i stroke my fingers through my blonde, long hair. It'd probably help if i wasn't wearing a jacket and hat. My older brother Johnny comes outside and puts his hand on my knee. "Si, I heard Niall's coming back to town" He says in his western accent. My head shoots up, "What?" I ask in my country, accent.. He nods.. "But, I thought Niall was in that one famous band" I mumble. Johnny shrugs, "He has a concert down here.." He says taking a drink of my lemonade. "I- I have to go feed the horses" I say running towards the barn. I feed them then i get on my house, Shamrock. I open the gate and i start riding her.. The gate closes after we leave it. "Shamrock, faster!" I demand. We go down the path. This was a small city.. Shamrock stops at the end of the path.. I tie her to a tree and i walk a bit. I sigh and i get out my phone, i never cared about a phone, so of course, mine isn't the best. I bite my lip as i see photos of Niall and his band mates over Google. I laugh, "That Irish boy wouldn't remember the farm life even if it hit him in the head a trillion times" I say to myself. I close my phone and get back on Shamrock, "Shamrock, home" I say untying her. Johnny opens the gate and i ride her back to the barn. I get on the tire-swing for a few minutes just looking at the chickens... I go back to the old farm house and up to my room.. "Sierra! I'm going to town! Wanna come?" Johnny asks from downstairs. I bite my lip, "Yea, hold on!" i call. I put a different hat on and i put on a different jacket. I run back downstairs.. I live with my brother, because.. I'm 19 years old, and my parents moved out a year ago.. We've never been close, except for my real dad. He comes over a lot. I never get a boyfriend cause i follow rules, around town, I'm known as the farmers sister. Johnny is famous round the town. My mom and step dad haven't talked to us since last year.. I get into the old truck.. "So, Niall is coming down.. Tomorrow" Johnny says starting the truck.. Smokes comes from the front.. It always does that.. He starts driving towards town, and we go to the cattle shop. That's what its called.. Its where you go to buy stuff for, well.. Cows and horses. I get out of the truck and shut the old, broken, looking door. Johnny follows me, "Aren't you excited? You may be able to see Niall again" Johnny says.. "Well.. He WAS my best friend, but, the way he left.. We got into a fight and i don't think I'm ready to see him again.. Plus, he left me three years ago for a band.." I mumble.. "It's been three years!" Johnny says. I roll my eyes. "Just, go buy whatever you need, I'll go walking around, I'll walk back to the house" I say.. "That's five miles" Johnny laughs. I nod, "But, i'll just text you, okay?" I mumble walking away. He laughs then goes into the shop. 


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