Fly With Me

When Sierra stood up for the odd Irish boy in the second grade, she regretted it. And when she took that odd Irish boy home and tried to teach him how to farm, she regretted it. Although one thing she could never regret was the friendship that grew between her and that boy. When Niall Horan decides to go back home to Ireland and leave the life on the farm for a chance of living out his dream, Sierra never thought she'd see him again, and didn't really want to, considering how their goodbyes went. But when Niall and his band mates come to America, Sierra is determined to make him remember what he's missing out on and what he left behind for the super star life three years ago that rainy night in Tennessee. But, Niall won't remember anything bout her.. 'super stars' don't exactly remember anything they don't want to though.. Right?


2. C'om

I pull out my phone, its raining heavily.. I go to a hotel, "Johnny, I'm staying at a hotel for the night, I'll come home tomorrow, its raining to hard" I say. He agrees then i hang up. I go to the front desk and get a room. I get the key and i run up to the room. I lay on the bed and i look out the window, the last thing i want to do is think bout Niall.. But i can't stop.. I'm still angry at him.. He left his best friend for fame and fortune.. I've never cared bout fame or money.. All I've ever wanted was a true best friend.. But i guess he never was.. I sigh and quickly, fall asleep...

I hand in my room key and i walk outside.. After a couple minutes I get pushed to the ground. It's already almost noon. "Are you okay?" A voice asks from above me. They had fallen on top of me.. "Ouch" I mumble.. I sigh and he helps me up.. "Wait, your Ni" I get cut off because he covers my mouth.. "Shhh" He whispers. I push his hand away.. "Little odd Irish boy" I say quietly. He glances up at me, "What'd you just say?" He asks. He must have recognized that being his nick-name.. "What? You don't remember me? Your best friend that you left for fame?!" I say mocking a British accent. He glares at me.. "Wait.. Sierra?" He whispers. I roll my eyes.. "Yes its me" I say harshly. I see four boys walk up to us.. "Is this a fan?" One of them asks. He has a quiff. "Hell no" I say in disgust.. They all stare at me weirdly, even Niall.. "No, lads.. This is Sierra, the girl i told you all about.. My best friend" Niall says with a soft smile. I fake a smile and bite my bottom lip. "Are you coming to our concert tonight?" The curly haired one asks with a smile.. "Why would i want to go to a concert? One Direction sucks.. Why? Because, my ex best friend is in it.. He left me for a better life.. I thought he actually cared about me, well.. I thought wrong" I say walking off. Niall grabs my hand but i slap his away. "Don't you dare touch me" I say bitterly ready to slap him again.. 

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