Fly With Me

When Sierra stood up for the odd Irish boy in the second grade, she regretted it. And when she took that odd Irish boy home and tried to teach him how to farm, she regretted it. Although one thing she could never regret was the friendship that grew between her and that boy. When Niall Horan decides to go back home to Ireland and leave the life on the farm for a chance of living out his dream, Sierra never thought she'd see him again, and didn't really want to, considering how their goodbyes went. But when Niall and his band mates come to America, Sierra is determined to make him remember what he's missing out on and what he left behind for the super star life three years ago that rainy night in Tennessee. But, Niall won't remember anything bout her.. 'super stars' don't exactly remember anything they don't want to though.. Right?


3. Big Green Tractor

The other boys just stare at me for a second.. I bite my lip.. "Actually, I've never even heard your music.." I say softly. It starts raining again.. "Great.." I mumble to myself.. Niall glares at me then wraps his jacket around me.. "No, no no.. Niall.. You can't get sick.. You have a concert" I say handing it back to him. He shakes his head, "So?" He asks wrapping it back on me. "We need to get you inside some where so you don't get sick" Niall says pushing me towards a building.. We get inside.. "So, do you still live in the old farm house?" He asks me.. I bite  my lip.. "Yeah.." I mumble.. "I've missed you" He says with a smile.. I look down and bite my lip. "Here.." I mumble handing him his jacket.. "I have to get home" I say strictly walking outside into the rain.. "It's raining!" All the boys shout.. "Does it look like i care?!" I ask harshly. Tears fall down my cheeks.. "Your crying!" Niall shouts grabbing my hand.. I wipe my tears.. He pulls me into a hug.. "Whats wrong?" He asks softly. I bite my lip and pull away.. "Nothing.. I'm fine" I say wiping more tears.. "No.. I'm your best friend.. Your not okay.. Whats wrong?" He asks.. My head shoots up.. "Your my best friend?! No.. You left me! You left me for them!" I yell pointing to the boys. Niall puts a hand on my shoulder. "Calm down" He whispers. "Goodbye Niall" I say walking away but he walks in front of me.. "Don't go.." He says... "I have to get home! It's like 5 miles!" I shout.. Niall looks at the lads.. "W-we can drive you" Quiff says.. "I don't get into strangers cars.. Especially famous strangers" I mumble. Niall glares at me as if I'm crazy..  "Fine.."  I say. Niall grabs my hand and leads me to a limo, me getting wet from rain. The boys follow us. As we get into the limo, it gets super quiet.. "I'm Zayn.." Quiff says.. I slightly nod.. "And that's Harry, there's Liam, and.. Louis" He says pointing to each one of them.. Honestly, I really didn't care who was who, I just wanted to get home.. "Ya know Niall.. You've always had a.. beautiful voice.." I admit accidentally. He smiles at me, "Really?" He asks.. I slowly nod..  "Your voice is really beautiful to" He smiles.. I laugh, "No.. It's not. I can't sing.." I say smiling. We talk for awhile, then the limo finally pulls up to my house.. "Sierra, wait" Niall says as I get out.. "Yes?" I ask slightly confused. He gives me his number and he kisses my cheek. "Niall?" I ask.. "Yes?" He asks looking in my eyes..

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