Back For You

Camilla Cabello was your average school girl. She went to school with her best friend Ally Brookes and Lauren Jauregui . Camilla and her boyfriend had been together for quite sometime but then he had to leave for X-Factor. Will he remember her or he forget all about her?


14. Should we?

- sorry I haven't updated in like forever I've been busy and writing fanfics elsewhere as well- camelsayshi so here's a mini chapter

Ally's Pov 
- later that evening -
Where all just chilling in Camilla's room, cracking up over  YouTube  videos " I have an idea " Camilla says eagerly " let's watch Twisted!?"  "  I haven't seen that is it any good?" I ask curiously " you haven't seen twisted?" They all say shocked, " no, I've heard if it but  no, is it good?"  " it's a-mazing " said Lauren, " how about we all hang out here tonight so we can have a marathon!" " alright if I can show you Sherlock!" I said smiling " and Doctor Who!" I added " alright cool! Let's all get our sleeping bags and come back in an hour!" Said Camilla " works for us " everyone added, we all left to get our stuff soon after.

- an hour later -

I get back to Camilla's with my sleeping bag, my DVDs of Sherlock and Doctor Who. Camila pulls me inside and the rest if the girls are there siting around in the basement with like ten bowels of Popcorn, " now we can start Twisted!" Lauren said excitedly ,they turn it on and we watch the first episode and switch off between the three shows for the next few hours

- another two hours later- 

We start watching live tv, after a while and chatting " how are you so good at guessing the mysteries Ally?" Asked Camila before I answer a commercial for X- Factor, comes on saying last minute additions are in threes weeks, we all look at each other wondering the same thing, should the five of us do it?

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